New programming language is in the top list now: Kotlin

The day can be a memorable one in the life of app developer’s when he/she proudly announce that the app they launch got superb popularity in the play store. The reason is valid to be happy as it is not just a one day or two-days work to launch mobile applications. As it can took many days or even many months to develop the application which the users are looking for.

The fact is they try to show their own idea and present it in front of us all so that it never looks cheesy or a bad one when using. The time is of mobile applications but making an app is a tough job. Many languages are required to write a program and this is the subject of today’s article. Do you think that only C++ or JAVA is able to handle the programming language?

10 reasons why you should use Kotlin for Android app development?
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I researched a lot and find out that today’ app developer mostly prefer to use the Kotlin language in their mobile application. We know  that app developing is a creative job are so there can be many reasons behind using the Kotlin language so let’s find out some reasons why developer choose Kotlin language for Android app development.

1. Best for easy to setup

The programming language Kotlin is a perfect one for easy to set up as the app developer’s starting their carrier using the Kotlin to develop the apps. We all hear about the Android studio 3.0 which starts the Kotlin project and it is going to be simple as just ticking a box.

2. Second reason is about the language maturity

So, the next reason we will share for you is about the Kotlin language maturity as we all know that before its final version 1.0, Kotlin spent several years in alpha and then in beta. Kotlin has passed many stages and therefore we find it interesting one because there are hardly one or two problems faced by Kotlin user, not like other languages which have lots of problem while using.

3. Always interoperable with Java

This is true as Kotlin is always interoperable with Java which means two languages are similar and you are able to use Java libraries and Java commands in the same program that you are developing with Kotlin language.

4. Definitely reduces the boilerplates

Well, it’s new for the users that they don’t know about boilerplate. The boilerplate is that line of code that needs to write it out again and again and also many times so it doesn’t serve any kind of purpose related to apps. So, Kotlin is designed in such a way that you don’t have to do this and it is beneficial for the new users.

5. Learning is good ways go for it

Yes, learning is the first way you have to do so if you have learned Java language then it may not be so difficult for you to learn the Kotlin language. The Kotlin language is used in some server-side development in the web apps so you can say it not only helps you in getting a job but also you are able to manage your personal projects.

6. You can choose your own programming philosophy

Here we want to say that the programming language comes in two main objects that is oriented and procedural. The role of these both is to change the structure and organization of your project. In JAVA you can’t choose how you want to structure but in Kotlin you can choose according to your choice and in this way, you can say that it is easier for the newcomers also.

7. No need to be panic, minimum line of code is require

If you want to know about the synthetic extension then it is an extension for the Kotlin language which is able to enhance its functionality. And of course, it is useful because you are able to identify your views and can refer them anywhere.

8. Java vs Kotlin? Which one is safe

We research and get to know about the JAVA language, most of the developers still face problems in learning the language and also if they want to improve their skill then it requires time and a large amount of money. So, Kotlin is far different from JAVA because the code is simple and easier one to understand. In that case less chance of errors and also less code always show less error.

9. Rise in the production line

This point is must for you to understand as we know about the Kotlin language performance so many production companies like Pinterest use this in their new feature of Android apps. You can say that because of its function and performance, it’s very hard to remove the Kotlin against its rival as compared to others.

10. Have you heard about Null Pointer Exception?

Null Pointer Exception is one of the common errors in Java language and also a reason behind your Android app crash so here our suggestion is to use Kotlin that is ready to handle the whole process and this feature make the Kotlin language simple to use.