It will just take a few seconds to throw app developer’s work and their efforts to vain and this is what we saw recently on the Apple App Store. We decided to share with you so that you get to know that the App store can also be the victim of bug. Few days back bug found on App Store due to which rating of more than 20 million applications has been removed automatically. This is awful for most of the app developers. We all believe that such issues can’t happen under big name. Let’s go ahead and try to reveal the whole matter.

How the rating of app has been removed?

The issue began from 23rd of October 2019 and even we would like to share the name of the application which lost their millions of rating. Those apps are Google, Microsoft, Nike, Starbucks, Hulu and many others as per the report. Now the question is who find out these millions rating rat loses and did Apple accept this bug? We are trying to understand what’s going on with the Apple app store. 

You have assumed that smartphones and mails present bugs sometimes but now you need to believe in the fact that the app store also shows some bugs now. Here we are mentioning the Apple app store because from few days back the developers of this app store are in trouble. They lose millions of ratings for their applications and also millions of review which is a big loss for sure.

Now the question is how the issue has been revealed? Here credit goes to Appfigures firm who found this issue. The firm is well-known for the mobile app insight platform. It created an alarming situation for more than 200 app developers who developed approx. 300 applications were affected with this bug as this sweep is a big loss to them.

22 million app ratings had been removed from the App store
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Check out the statement of “Appfigures” firm

Now you need to read out what the firm explained in their statement so that it may clear all your doubts. Allow me to share what they said, “More than 300 apps from more than 200 developers, both popular and indie, were affected by this sweep, which erased over 22 million reviews between October 23 and 24. On average, the app saw a 50% decrease in rating in affected countries. Some apps however got hit harder than other. Hulu application lost 95 percent of its rating in the US. Chase and Dropbox lost about 85 percent of their rating in the US.” Can you imagine these are one of the apps which are highly popular and bug affects those apps? This is a too shocking moment for most of the developers. 

This sweep process of rating and review begins from the day 23rd October 2019 and after knowing all this, the iPhone maker agreed that it all happens due to bug only. The problem is not ending here as the report said that this sweep mostly affects the country US who lost around 10 million ratings. 

Even we can share some of the countries which were affected from this process like China, South Korea, Russia, Australia and many more. The countries lost more than 2.7 million ratings so we must say this bug is hard to remove from the app store. Appfigures said, “But it’s important to note that most individual apps only got hit in a few countries and not all. This could indicate this isn’t a simple error but rather something more intentional.” 

The Bottom Line

Don’t expect only rating has been removed because we get to know that your application positive and negative review also removed. What is the purpose of removing all such ratings and reviews of the app? Still, the reason is in suspense and we didn’t find any solution.

Apple didn’t share any solution for the developers because it is a big loss to the developers if it all removed. All developers need to keep patience, definitely it will be resolved.

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