Do you drive traffic to your website, but do not get sales or conversions as you want?

Perhaps it is time to think about how your customers respond to your website and improve your conversion rate.

Conversion Rate Optimization is Digital Marketing Company in Bournemouth a technique for increasing the percentage of website traffic you make a purchase, also known as a conversion. So, for every 100 customers who land in your yard, how many are actually complete a purchase?

ECommerce conversion rates in the US average in 2020 was 2.63%. If your conversion rate is less than 2%, you need to optimize your site for higher conversion rates.

Here are 34 tips to optimize your website and eCommerce store for a higher conversion and a better customer experience.

Your Top Homepage

· Think like your customers. Make sure your website and eCommerce store is designed with the customer in mind. Get to know your customers well.

· Simplifying the user experience and running on your site, if your customers are on a laptop or mobile device.

· Coupon Offer Code!

· Use real-time applications such as social proof of purchase or proof Fomo

· Add testimonials and reviews on your product page and the home page

· Add the certification to validate the product or service

· Use an interesting photos are optimized for speed loading

· Having a detailed page about yourself and your business contact info and customer service contact page. Make sure your website tells the customer exactly what your product.

· Update your social media accounts often and post at least 2x per week to build trust with clients who have not shopped with you before

· Include a footer link to your privacy policy page, information delivery, returns, about, contact

Website performance

· Make sure your website speed and performance is top-notch. Sign up with Google Webmaster Tools

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· Optimize your website load time. The easiest way to check how long it takes to load your website is by using Google PageSpeed ​​Insights tool. PageSpeed ​​Insights will provide a detailed report of how fast your website loads, along with any issues you may decide to increase your load times.

· Connect your website to powerful insights such as Google Analytics to observe the flow of traffic and the behavior of your customers. With Google Analytics, you can see when and where your customers leave your website. Having insight allows you to correct areas of your site where trains leave out and what happened.

· Make sure your site is responsive to mobile and tablet devices. You can test the response of your site in Google Webmaster Tools.

The discovery of the product

· Use Intelligent search for easy retrieval of your products on your website easily. Allows your customers to find what they are looking for based on color, size, diet, category, aroma, services, tags, keywords, filter, etc.

· Set your category effectively. item where the lower-tier below the top-tier categories such as: Shop By Season> Fall> Sweater or Shop> Women> Pants.

· Customize your page 404 and directs customers to the promotion or product that they may be able to help or relevant

· Add Feed Shoppable IG Instagram account and website

Product Pages you

· Use a high-quality image products. Whether lifestyle or curated images from Instagram users. Showcase your product in detail with a clean image on a white background.

· Include an ‘add to favorites’ button to your customers if your store has the ability

· Include social sharing buttons on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and email

· Be transparent about the price, delivery time, size, availability of items, etc.

· Having verified customer reviews on each product page

Your Customer Checkout Experience

· Allows customers to create an Digital Marketing Companies in Bournemouth account, save favorite items, check the status of their orders, store cart, view past orders, etc.

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