Find it difficult to generate more traffic for your website?

The need to find a reliable way that is easy and effective way to increase the visibility of your website?

Or maybe you just want to generate Digital Marketing Agencies Southampton new leads and close more deals?

If that happens, then you need to invest in mobile optimization. With more searches that occur on mobile devices than desktops, the shift to look for smart phones has occurred.

Today, most customers use their mobile devices to shop for products online. In fact, studies show that more than 80% of people who are looking for local businesses using their smartphone will visit the store within 24 hours.

Consumers also use the mobile channel to seek out and compare the prices of the things they need. That is why, in 2016, global mobile traffic increased by 63%.

Mobile optimization to make sure you can be found when these people go searching online.

If you do not invest in the optimization of your website mobile phones lose the opportunity to generate more traffic. The most popular brand in the world has a mobile-friendly website, which is why it is easy for them to generate new leads. Which allow their customers to access their services anywhere, anywhere they go.

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If you want to get more clicks, calls and customers, here are five reasons why the optimization of mobile phones have become a part of your marketing strategy.

1 – Reach Out To More Customers

Today, more people use online platform for products and services they need. In fact, there are 3.5 billion searches on Google every day.

They use their mobile devices, including tablets and smartphones, to do this. That’s why you need a mobile optimized website so that they can easily access your website using any device.

Failing to invest in the optimization of mobile phone means lost sales and traffic. Your website will be limited in terms of traffic and generate new leads.

With a cell phone search to ‘near me’ grew 500% last year, it is clear that becomes available on mobile phones help you reach more customers.

2 – Generate More Revenue

More high-income sales results for your brand. In 2017, most of the revenue generated through the sale of mobile eCommerce. In addition, mobile phone sales are expected to increase from 34.5% to 53.9% in 2021.

Investment in mobile optimization can help you increase your conversion rate and your total earnings.

Think of your favorite retail brands. Odds are they have a very sophisticated mobile site because they know the value of driving revenue. These websites offer a great shopping experience.

In 2021, the phone is expected to eclipse desktop for online sales. So make sure your mobile site to take advantage.

3 – Generate Traffic

Another factor that you need to recognize that the mobile-friendly site to perform better than the site that’s not mobile-optimized.

As a result, mobile-optimized website generates more traffic and backlinks.

Your web site can generate more traffic when it is easy to find online. By getting more traffic, you automatically increase your brand awareness.

4 – Increase Your SEO

Mobile-optimized websites normally favored by search engines. In 2016, Google launches site ranking algorithm which is responsive to mobile search results.

You want to know whether your website is optimized cell phone or not? Just take Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test and you will get your answer.

However, how well your website is optimized phone depending on the technical skills that you have. If you do not have the technical skills, then you can opt to hire an SEO expert who is experienced in this type of work.

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In addition, a different strategy is required for the mobile page.

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