Web site traffic is the key to any online business because it leads to conversion, which ultimately leads or revenue.

But what if your website is getting Digital Marketing Company in Stafford little or no traffic? How you can identify what the problem is?

There are a number of reasons why this may be, from not knowing your target audience to have a marketing strategy dr. This five-step guide will help you understand some of the key indicators that can prevent users visit your website and provide recommendations on how to increase traffic.

  1. Goal
    Do you know who your target audience? Without knowing who you want to target, you will not be able to fully understand the reasons why your website is not getting traffic (or increase your traffic), so this is a good place to start.

In short, your website will not get any traffic if your target audience either do not know that it will provide solutions to their needs or can not find it when they search.

You need to identify who your target audience, what are the needs and concerns and how your business provide a solution. You can do this by using buyer personas.

Start with research – this process can be as comprehensive as you like using the existing customer database to form a lead capture and data analysis. You need to look at who your customers are, where they come from and why they need your products / services.

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You can use one of our buyer persona template (both B2B and B2C), available in the buyers guide our comprehensive persona, began to identify who your buyer personas.

Once you have used your research to create a persona buyers, as well as a different life cycle stages of your prospects go through in the course of a buyer, you will be able to adapt your website to meet their needs follow four next step and drive more traffic, conversions and ultimately sales ,

  1. Brand awareness
    Brand awareness is another reason why your website will probably get no traffic. If your target audience does not realize that the product or service you are there then they will not associate your brand with a solution to their problems. To fix this you can apply marketing tactics dr.

Inbound marketing attract qualified prospects to your Web site with the aim of turning them into leads or customers. To effectively implement the marketing comes in your business you need to consider all the elements of the decision making process and using the right channel to target your marketing methodology diagram audience.inbound

Each stage of marketing methodologies entry requires something different from marketing comes in.

When you want to increase brand awareness and drive traffic. At this stage of awareness you need to use the appropriate channels to provide relevant information to attract potential leads to your website. You can do this by creating relevant content, improve SEO, utilizing social media and even made a Google Ad campaign if your budget allows.

To lead you to the next stage of the journey buyers once they’re on your website, you need to encourage your visitors to engage with your brand through channels including chatbots, a call to action and form.

Using email, workflow and CRM integration (if available) you will be able to maintain contact with them to make them into a customer, before asking them to fill out a survey and feedback on Google My Business or social channels, leading them to promote your site and attract visitors new.

  1. Keywords
    Keywords are not only play a key role in your site’s ability to rank well, they are a major traffic driver as they connect what your audience is looking for content for your Digital Marketing Agencies in Stafford website. what keywords you are trying to rank for through your existing content? Do they match what your target audience is looking for?

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