No more spam templated emails to recipients in 1000, no more “Hey, just thought you might be interested in …” – right? Well, not quite.

Although Outreach has gone from Digital Marketing Company Nottingham last promotion technique is thought to be an integral part of any media strategy, people still often make mistakes that can affect the success of their outreach campaign. At that time we made a few resolutions to improve outreach in 2016.

1 / Stop with a vacuum means
We’ve all done, send an email that for bloggers to ‘love your site’ or comment ‘great work’ there, intended to butter them. It’s an easy thing to do, because we thought it might make them more likely to respond positively. The problem is, unless it is actually meaningful and sincere, it just comes across as slimy.

Here’s what I mean:

I just received an email to my personal blog outreach with four (4!) Praise ultimately means within a paragraph.

• “Just came across your fantastic site”
• “It is very useful and informative”
• “You really nailed it by providing value to your audience”
• “It would be amazing to work with such a great blogger as yourself”

Now I’m not saying I did not appreciate the comment, but it was not a huge boost for my ego when I know they might have said the exact same thing for every blogger they had already been contacted.

It does not make me want to work with them, because they do not take the time to make it personal.

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How do you expect me (or blogger there) to have a passion about your product if you do not explain how it was relevant to me or my audience?

I’m not saying I want feedback on each blog post explained in writing, but may be a simple “we see you write about this, and it was not well on Facebook, and we want to do something similar”. Something as simple as this makes it look like you really care about the project or campaign, and how it is delivered, and that makes the treatment bloggers.

2 / Know what you want / Know what they want
I can not emphasize how important this is.

Outreach number of times I receive an email saying something like “we will be happy for you to come up with some ideas on how to feature our products”. Eurgh.

No blogger want to do your work for you. Coming up with ideas of the campaign? That’s your job.

Make no mistake, some bloggers will want to tweak the idea, and some may come up with their own, but it is much easier to do that when you’ve given something to work with.

Know what you want from the campaign before you start sending emails, do not expect bloggers to tell you.

Likewise, to convince someone to work with you is much easier if you have some idea of ​​what they want; what is important to them.

It is not always necessarily financial. For example, I have worked with bloggers who only want to guest post on my website work for, to increase exposure. Others may just want the product to review.

Knowing desire Outreach targets you will make your job a hundred times easier.

3 / Do your research
We’re not just talking about researching blogs here. We’re talking examine all the topics and anything associated with the campaign.

One of the biggest turn off for bloggers receive email Outreach, is when they mis moderate or un notified.

I’ve had emails from people asking me to review a show, with no specific date or location. It’s basic stuff, and just comes across as lazy.

Knowing something about the topic Digital Marketing Companies Nottingham you want to write about help too.

For example, even a simple – “Such and such (the leading industry influencers) wrote this paper in 2015 about bla bla, which seems to have been regarded as an argument which is quite controversial.

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