In our last article, we saw 101 landing page optimization tips to help you build better pages from scratch Digital Marketing Company Newcastle and improve performance over time. The second part is where many brands are having problems. Not only hobby landing page optimization takes time, you have to pay good money for a bunch of tools to collect data and run tests.

Well, today I’m going to try and put one thing right with a free seven UX and usability tools to improve your landing page. With this tool you will have all the core features of an enterprise optimization platform without the usual price.

So, if you’re a small or new business, this is the list for you. Even if you have the budget to high-end software, free UX tools will help you get to grips with landing page optimization – so you’re ready to make the most of the platform are paid when the time comes.

# 1: The UX Checklist by Github

The first thing you need for any kind of optimization strategy is a clear plan. Knowing what to do is half the battle and the UX Checklist by GitHub act as a guide working through the entire UX design and testing process.

Each item on the list leads to further information, giving you a primer on what you need to do and what kind of tools you would want on board. It does not specifically resources landing page but even as this public reading will help you optimize your existing landing pages and page designs are better in the future.

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# 2: ClickHeat

When you think of landing page optimization, one of the first tools that will come to mind is heatmapping. And while I recommend paying for pro tools like Hotjar, sooner or later, ClickHeat provide free heatmapping choice for you to use in the meantime.

Of course, it’s not the prettiest tool you will ever find and it does not come with the same extensive feature with love Hotjar and Crazy Egg, but it does the job as a base heatmapping.

# 3: AdWords Tools Landing Pages

Earlier this week, Google launched AdWords Landing Page new tool, the time is right for an article of this nature. The only thing I would say is you have to wait until you get a new interface (which is still rolling out) before you can access the tool Landing Pages.

If you do not have the new interface, you must have it in the next few months.

After you set up with “new AdWords experience”, you’ll find tools Landing Pages int he left menu. Click on a tab Digital Marketing Companies Newcastle and you’ll URL for all of your landing page is listed with a number of metrics in the right column.

Like many of Google’s latest tools, there is an emphasis on mobile performance here. The first metric that you will see Mobile-friendly labeled Click Rate. measuring the number of clicks of your landing page that leads to pages for other mobile. The goal is to help you provide a more robust mobile experience beyond the first click on your landing page.

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# 4: Peek

Peek is a cracking free UX tools from people more in UserTesting. Basically, it is a free peek at the full-UX UserTesting tool, providing you with a 5-minute video of someone using a website or mobile app. You simply type in the URL of the landing page you want to test, and you usually get your results within an hour.

In addition to getting an insight into the platform UserTesting, Peek also gives you a sense of qualitative research – namely: testing with real users.

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