Creating a content strategy is a sure-fire way to find out what content your target audience will love, encouraging them to take action on your site, thus giving your business a little (or big) increase.

Basically, content marketing strategy Digital Marketing Company Southampton you are acting as a ‘why’ you have to create the content, so that not only is it a great tool to ensure you make the right sort of content, but also an effective way to convince colleagues and managers why good content is a must for your site. If you need a little more clarity about why content marketing is very important, having read our blog post around what it means content marketing.

Already aware of how amazing marketing content is? That’s what we wanted to hear! So, without further ado, here are our top 9 tips to help you create a kick-ass content strategy that will get results for your business …

Set your goals
This may seem like an obvious one, but it is important to make sure you’ve set some goals, so you have something to measure against after the content is live. You may want to visit the website increased by a certain percentage, the increase in time or engagement on your site, or you may want to use your content to drive higher conversion rates; once you set some goals you’ll also want to identify when you want to view these results by.

Tip: It’s important to be realistic. You are not going to increase web traffic by 50% overnight. When it comes to content, it should be maintained, but if done correctly and with the thought behind it, you will see the results.

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Make sure you know your audience and your competition
Studying your audience is an important aspect when developing a successful content strategy. You will want to make sure that your content is designed for this customer, based on various demographics and behavior. Chances are, you already know quite a lot about your audience, so this should be fairly easy for your overall strategy.

Your competitors also play a key role in building your content strategy; we suggest identify 2 or 3 main competitors who can do some analysis around (which we will discuss in more detail in point 5). If you want to know who your competition from a search perspective, tools like SEMRush can help paint a picture.

How do your current content?
Assess your current position in terms of content there is a good way to identify what works for your business. If you have a blog content on the site, how to do? Have a read through and see if the content on sites that are relevant, viable long and included a selection of the right keywords. Do not worry if you do not already have a blog (as we realize you may create a content strategy to help you create one); You can also look into the landing page on your site as well.

Perform gap analysis content
A great way to explore what is missing content on your site; content gap analysis helps you to identify the ‘gaps’ in your keyword research where there is no current content ratings. It’s a great way to build a theme for your blog, so we highly recommend you add this into your overall content strategy. Here is a super-quick overview on how you would do this:

Collect all of the keywords your site currently ranks to become an excel spreadsheet
This tag by categories so you can easily refine your keyword belongs to a category
Refine your keywords with people who do not currently ranks
Look through the list of non-ranking keywords and use categories to explore what can be grouped together themes
Explore what existing content for Digital Marketing Agencies Southampton those keywords through Google search to give you an idea of ​​what a good rank.
Conducting competitor analysis
With your competitors (you identified earlier), you’ll want to explore how they perform content-wise as well. Things to explore included.

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