A Guide to Scheme 2020 – What is it and how to add to a WordPress site!
With the ever growing world of SEO there are new techniques and tactics ratings – sometimes it can be difficult to keep up to date with current trends and best practices for your Digital Marketing Company Newcastle website. Schemes have been around since 2011 however, many websites fail to use this to their advantage. Currently SERPs evergrowing dominated by paid search results, local package and it is important to ensure that you are using all the organic real estate available to you. The scheme should not only act as an additional way to tell Google what your site is about, but also take advantage of star ratings, product prices and other visible additions to the organic results.

This article is here to explain how to use the scheme for your WordPress site, how to add this to your site and also results in a Schema can have. If you are looking for an SEO Firm to increase the amount of organic leads that you receive then please contact Digital NRG team members today!

What scheme?
Scheme is a form of Structured Data Markup that you put on your website – code then helps search engines to understand more about what the page is about and provide a more accurate and informative for searchers. This scheme allows you to increase the amount of real estate Organic own sites that directly affect the Click Through Rates. One of the most common forms of the scheme is a review and rating schemes.

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Reviews scheme

The example above shows the schematic review for us on our page – under the URL and Slug you can see the addition of a 5 star rating with 49 people – is pulled through from eKomi Reviews Platform.

Another common usage for the scheme is to add the price for various products around the site – it’s very common for eCommerce sites such a great way to increase the organic CTR

AO List Price Scheme Example

The main purpose of the second example above is to increase the chance of your site getting clicked in the organic SERPs – A site featuring reviews of products and prices are more likely to be clicked on sites with no information on this.

Why do you need Scheme in your WordPress Site?
The examples above show how important the scheme is to affect organic click-through rate but there are also many other reasons for using the schema. The very reason the scheme introduced is to provide search engines with more information about websites and web pages. A great example of this is the scheme of service pages – it allows you to tell the search engine exactly what the page is about service. The figure below shows an example of this.

Service Scheme Example

Has a scheme in your WordPress site definitely best practice in 2019, will not only tell the search engines more information about your website, but also increase the click through rate of your site in Organic Search Results. From the standpoint of SEO Rank Brain and Hummingbird is now an important part of Google’s algorithm is important that search engines are able to understand the context of the site / page. Understanding the context of the page will allow search engines to show users the most relevant results and accurate.

Some of the main types of schemes used
The examples above are only a handful of things that you can use for the scheme – There are many different uses all with a common goal to provide the search engine with the ability to better understand the page. Some of the main types of schemes used are as follows

Reviews and ratings
generate scheme
pricing scheme
In Stock / Out of stock
Page to Scheme
Local Business Scheme
job scheme
While not all of the above will apply to most sites there must be one or two uses for the scheme at each site.

The scheme is a ranking signal?
There is much debate in the SEO community Digital Marketing Company in Newcastle over Schemes be ranked factor – Because ratings.

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