One of the richest man in the world we all know that is Jeff Bezos who is Founder and CEO of most popular online shopping website Amazon. If we talk about the richest person according to the country then Mukesh Ambani is considered to be the richest man in India who is the Managing Director of Reliance Industry. Now both are in talks in these days. Amazon shows its full focus on Indian retail market Reliance and trying to acquire it partially.

We are not going to confuse you with a story so allow me to come to the point that Amazon is looking to acquire a 26% stake in Reliance-Retail which is in under Mukesh Ambani.

Reliance is one of the companies which serve 5 million customers a week, you think that they gonna agree with this? Well, some more piece of information we have so let’s start the day with today’s blog about this purchasing strategy. 

Before Amazon, Alibaba group looked to buy the stake.

Reliance Company always is in main headlines whenever someone talks about the shares or industry. Once again they catch the interest as we get to know Amazon looks to acquire the stake of Reliance. Most of you will be surprised to know  the fact, before Amazon, Alibaba Group of China was ready to shake hands with Reliance.

Unfortunately, the deal fails and even someone shared the reason behind the failure of this deal and that is valuation. So do you think that this deal of Amazon and Reliance will go on? We are sure that Amazon wants this deal to be done and the reason behind is it gives access to Amazon for Reliance’s vast network for stores in India. 

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Why Amazon wants this deal to be done? 

We are 100% sure that Amazon tries its best to make this deal successful as getting a connection with one of the Indian Companies in India makes their position more stronger. It also makes their position a better one when it comes to lobbying against the Indian government. We just read out the statement of Arvind Singhal who is a Chairman of Retail Consultant Technopak Advisor. 

Let me share what he said, “Whenever there is any kind of policy intervention needed, to be partner with Reliance certainly will be a big asset.” Many agencies looking for the comment to be shared by Amazon and Reliance too but right now there is no such response from both. One of the Spokesperson of Reliance spoke to the media that “As per the policy, we do not comment on media speculation and rumours.” 

Well, we think that benefit is not going to happen only to Amazon as it can be a plus point for Reliance too. Let me tell you how as the company Reliance will get access to the platform of Amazon and able to use the technology, supply chain and also logistics platform. 


One of the Indian biggest industry or Company Reliance now soon gonna shake hands with top online shopping Company Amazon. Will Reliance provide a stake of around 26% to Amazon? Does this deal gonna successful in the coming month? We can’t expect anything because both Companies have not shared anything regarding their deal for this process. Even their spokespersons said that they don’t want to comment on media speculation and rumours.

So let’s show some patience and wait for this news about what will gonna happen in the future. Till then get in touch with us for more updates.