This time in my article I am going to tell you about the upcoming event of IOT, which is going to be held in Silicon Valley. What is the first thing you get to know when you heard a word conference or event? You all will give many opinions according to you but my point of view is when I get to know about the event and conferences then I think something new changes are going to happen for us. Mostly big brands announce their upcoming features and new products in an event. You have to attend these events because some of you are operating the business and some of you are going to start the business with the help of such technology. If you want to know more about it then it is must to attend such events. This year we get to know many big events from LED Expo to Artificial Intelligence but now the time is to attend the expo of the Internet of Things which is quite trendy these days. Let’s go ahead and try to know all about IOT Expo.

Where and when will you attend the Expo of IoT?

Are you excited to grab some knowledge for your business related to the IoT concept? This year it will happen as the Expo is in Santa Clara Convention Center, Silicon Valley. This is the fourth annual North American event hosted for the Internet of Things and you have to show your presence on both days that is 13-14 November 2019. We all know how the technology called the Internet of Things play a vital role in every industry or in every sector so I guess you all industrialists and every business entrepreneur attend this event for yourself. 

Who will attend this IoT Expo?

We did research for this event that how many experts are going there and we get to know at least 12000 attendees are expected to be a part of this event of Internet of Things. Here you gonna watch our and meet the Head of Innovation and Technology, IT Directors, some expert Developers of technology, Government, Operators, Investors, Technology providers and many more. They are ready to watch out what new update or what new changes IoT will show them.

An upcoming event IOT Expo 2019
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Now the question is what kind of topics here the Expo will discuss? Here you will see that the new technology called the Internet of Things explore its innovative concepts and play a major role in the industries like Manufacturing, Transport and Supply Chain. You always get to know how the technology called IoT ready to keep the business on the top for logistic, automotive, insurance, healthcare and retail so I guess no one is gonna miss this expo which is happening in November. We all know how important is to attend this event for us let me tell you as the Expo also cover Cyber Security, Cloud, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data.

About the IoT why attending the expo is a must?

We all know that the Internet of Things has changed the world and turn it into a smart one by providing the advanced facilities which are too important for us to operate in our daily life. I must say that it is important for you all business entrepreneurs to attend this expo because that is the reason where you can grab all such information that you need for. It is important to check out the latest innovation in technology not only IoT but also if such event happens then attend it for yourself.

These days technology is going ahead and we all need to update ourselves. This is essential to be ahead in crowd. Kindly attend the event of IOT in Silicon Valley.

We will be back with latest updates, till then get in touch with us and keep reading.