JUST TAKE A LOOK ABOUT ANDROID APPLICATIONS… Android is the Linux-based mobile operating system. It manages multiple applications in touch screen mobile devices including smartphones and tablets. Ten years back, on September 2008, Google, a tech giant, gave birth to its first commercial Android device. And, since after the inception, […]


SOME INTERESTING TOOLS TO DEVELOP GAME APPS Whether it is a site or app, gaming has become popular day by day across all platforms. Especially among the youngsters who spend most of their time in playing online games. Future of game applications seems bright because of day to day technological advancement, introduction […]


By 2020, the total worth of the mobile app market across the globe will go around $190 billion. It means the sector will be soon going to employ for innumerable vacancies, and as a developer, you will have better opportunities and salaries in your hand in the coming years. However, […]

How an applications can gain popularity?

Popularity is only motive to gain success in applications. With lots of efforts and some creativity, app developers always look for the success of their mobile applications. To make an app for the users it’s not an easy task. As it requires lots of attention and more market research. So that you get […]

Android or IOS? Which Smartphone is suitable?

COMPETITION BETWEEN ANDROID OR IOS. Do you want to know which app is more suitable and easy to access in your smartphone? Are you looking for the best operating system between Android and IOS in your mobile technology? Both the operating system is excellent and comfortable for you all but the […]


Android app development is fun for those, who have successfully accomplished some years in this sphere. However, newbies often found themselves struggling in the puzzles of how and where to start. Many new developers choose online tutorials for learning the basics or requisites of app development, which is absolutely not a […]


Ios and Android the two big shots of smartphone market. Before comparing two let’s understand both the operating systems 1. Android- It is an operating system developed by Google. It supports and run almost every type of smartphone brand. Supported by Linux and Intel processors. Linux provide him an open […]

What are the safety steps to making secure mobile transaction?

Follow these steps for a secure mobile transaction. Are you aware about the role of an app developer in our life? An app developer is someone who tries to show their skills and ability to us while providing such cool secure mobile transaction in our smartphone so that whenever we feel bored, we […]

What Are the Myths Regarding Android App Development?

Do you think that Android app development is something which anyone can do? Not possible, it’s not an easy task or it’s not possible that you get a huge amount of revenue every time from the mobile applications which you launch. So you must have knowledge of JavaScript program which helps you to make […]

Lets talk about Ionic App Development

Where do you want to offer your app? It’s obviously your choice that you can offer in Native app store or Hybrid app store or in web apps but if you are looking for some interesting one then did you listen about the Ionic app. Are you aware of Ionicappdevelopment or their features or anything? We will discuss now how Ionic […]

This tax season be safe with the phishing trap, How?

Tax scam steal information generate huge loss How disgusting it is when your personal information related to your bank or any other detail used by someone else. Day by day such crimes are increasing but who else care as we all know with such information, they can generate a huge […]

Is there any application for poetry writer or poetry lover?

Pens’ down and use poetry application everyday Are you using all the user-friendly mobile application in your smartphones? Don’t waste your time and starts spending time on such mobile application that are ready to help you. It’s just because of app developers that we look every mobile application in our smartphones where […]

Do You Know About Deep Web?

Incredible facts of deep web. Deep web is the part of internet whose content is not indexed by any type of search engine whatsoever. It is also known by the names hidden web or invisible web and it is exactly opposite to general internet which we use daily for accessing of the various types […]

Lets talk about the best app for group text

Gone are the days when you have to send separates messages from your contact list to invite the family members or relatives in a function or inviting the clients for seminars. The feature of group messages has made users life convenient in terms of making communication with large number of […]