Today’s time mobile phone market is reaching everywhere. As they know people love to purchase smart gadgets. I think the business is only can be operated by mobile technology. I can’t compare the Apple company’s mobile phones like iPhone or iPad because people like to use their gadgets as compared to another one. I am not saying the demands of the Android phone are not so high but the quality of Apple product is hard to find on its competitors.

Recently Apple announces the prize money of $1 million to detect the any kind of loopholes in its product. With this announcement you can understand that Apple is not ready to down its repo at any cost. Apple is top most company in mobile world. It made its own place and don’t want to lose it. This article will help you understand more about Apple. So keep reading.

What Apple announced related to loopholes in iPhone?

Once again Apple proved that money doesn’t matter for them. This is secondary, primary is the security of Apple users. The amount is $1million offer by the Company Apple to those who has the ability to hack any iPhone. Basically, this is the challenge to every Cyber security researcher who are expert in this process.

Apple offers $1 million to researchers, to detect the loopholes in iPhones
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Let me tell you that this announcement came at the event at Las Vegas on Black Hat Security. One more thing, this is not the first time that Apple announced about this matter as they shared in some previous occasions too but at that time there were only group researchers invited. Now this time announcement is for public. everybody who has the ability to find loopholes in Apple, can take $1 million from the top most company Apple.

Stipulation shared by Apple, want to know?

So Zuckerberg said that “If anybody interested to claim the bounty he/she can but on one condition. The person has to access the iPhone remotely without the user engaging in any activity.”

I think many big companies will do this. $1million is not less, as the Company Apple last level bounty was $200,000. One more thing has been shared by the Apple and I think it is important for you to understand if you successfully did this what we said above then don’t sell it to other entities and simply claim the bounty shared by the Apple.

Special help offer by Apple related to this

There are also highlighting some need which can break the security and the person can detect flaws in the iPhone. They are ready to offer the modified mobile phone that has some security measures detected. This is enough for you all to take some amount from Apple and now it’s up to the Company that how do they detect flaws.

Other special company software can sell?

Above we have explained to you that if anyone can detect flaws in iPhone then don’t sell this to other entities. There are many companies in the town that can sell it. The companies like NSO Group of Israel which have an advanced concept in software and can enter in mobile phones and computers. There is no need to doubt. Such companies can sell it to the government and also to law enforcement agencies with the hope that the tolls can be used against the terrorist. Such tools can be misused by anyone and also some corrupt officials. Apple has to be alert in every situation. Prize money is too high so everyone wants it. To grab this opportunity anyone can do anything. No matter whether they show some extra efforts or will try to grab this in bad manner.

On a concluding note we can say that whatever Apple has to pay, they are always ready. Apple never compromise with its security. This is the step taken by Zuckerberg to make the security feature more powerful. For more interesting articles get in touch with us.