Today I am gonna talk about the second most used operating system globally and that is one and only IOS. We all know that these days a company who has reached on a huge success with its mobile business and that is Apple. The Company Apple has something which others can’t get. Here I mean the features and facility you get from your smartphone. It’s hard to find out in any other phone.

The best thing to operate the product of Apple is its mobile and tabs. Which has unique designs and display that is good to watch. Even we always check the rate of Apple and I know it is high. It is a fact that its advanced features are the outstanding one where you are not able to operate those advanced features on another mobile phone.

Apple’s care kit: Secure the future of your healthcare
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We did research more about Apple and get to know that they are focusing on the healthcare matter as they put their efforts on personal health via connected devices. In that way, they have already announced about the CareKit technologies. This article is just for you to understand this technology offered by Apple.

Want to know what is CareKit?

Basically, the role of this technology is to judge you. Its aim is to create the software framework where all such developers can use. This is for the people to manage their medical condition properly. You feel good when you get to know about this technology. The CareKit focuses on how to manage the long-term illness. Now I want all of you to read out the four modules of CareKit and that is-

  • Activity scorecard
  • Symptom tracker
  • Progress Monitoring
  • Share function

What are those CareKit apps that you can use?

1. One Drop

Now the first application of CareKit is One drop which is free for you to download and the application play role for diabetes management, food, medication and activity. Now get to know how they transfer the data as it sync data from Bluetooth-enabled blood glucose monitor, provide proper schedule and medication remember to take on time. You can watch out the picture of patient health because the app also supports Apple watch.

2. Glow Nurture

The application is used for the pregnant women. The application is perfect for you to log your progress here. You can get reliable information about baby during pregnancy. You can track your pregnancy here. Use such apps that can be helpful for your health purpose and Glow Nurture is one of them.

3. Iodine Inc’s Start

Many of you suffer from depression. So let me introduce to you the application called Iodine Inc’s Start app. Thich is just for you to decrease your depression. Here you gonna watch out some tools related to this matter and series of a test where every patient is allowed to monitor. So some of you have a treatment plan and need such kind of application to stay away from such depression and anxiety.

Now just read out the statement of CEO of the Texas Medical Center William McKeon as he said that “Their only motive is to take the medical data right from the electronic medical record”. They are ready to put the reliable information in the system and let the application behave as a coach of patients. So according to the CEO, mobile technology like CareKit is beneficial for all of you and the technology always behave like the hospital or physician officer. You can operate the technology wherever you need.

We will be right back for some exciting applications. Till then keep reading and get in touch with us for more interesting blogs.