Once you choose a brand that you want to use for your business, goods or services, you can apply to register Digital Marketing Agencies Bournemouth with the Intellectual Property Office. If registered, your trademark will be protected in the UK.

It is advisable to conduct a trademark that is identical or similar before applying. You may apply to register the same trademark, or similar to, the existing one, but the owner may oppose the new application.

trademark also need to be classified by the goods and services that they will be applied.

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To apply to register your trademark, fill out an online application form on the website Intellectual Property Office by clicking the button below. Please note there is a fee to pay. (All credit / debit cards accepted primary. Mastercard Pay Secure and Verified by Visa is used to enhance the security of card payments online.)

While filling out a form online, you will Digital Marketing Agency in Bournemouth be able to save and return to it. Please note this service is not available between 00:15 and 3.15 every morning.

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