Did you know what the work of AppDevelopment Company is? Just to provide the mobile app? No, to make such mobile application for the user which they are looking for as of course, everyone wants to make their application popular in the market but to do is a big deal for everyone especially for those who have given lots of efforts and spend a lot of money to work on this. There are many such features which the users look to decide to install the mobile application i.e. User interface, about the features, how it works and many more. Nowadays the technology is such an innovation for the user that they may never find any work difficult and always get aware of some new and the best technology. But now the question is are you aware about the blockchain? Are you aware of the block chain of app development? If not, then we will discuss now what exactly the blockchain is, how is it useful or how it plays a role with app development.


The Blockchain is decentralized and distributed ledger file that can easily get the record and also get the personal information even about the assets and their own identity. In simple words, we can say that it can record and track the value of a person through the blockchain network. To study more let’s discuss some of the principle underlying blockchain-

  • . The blockchain is also called decentralized network because it doesn’t consist of a central authoritative unit as no single device is in charge of the data. So the data is distributed to every node present in the network for sure and here every node possesses a copy of the blockchain database.
  • . The second one is privacy as all you need is two cryptographic key i.e. Private and Public key. The identity of the user remains secret with no name and no personal information.
  • . The last one is Irreversibility of the record as once the transaction is recorded in the blockchain it becomes a static and the reason is every record is preceding their hash value that makes next to impossible to alter any data.

So let’s discuss how the blockchain impact of appdevelopment as it is very difficult but not impossible for the app developer to get aware about this that there are some challenges that the app developer has to tackle blockchain technology continues to thrive.

Apps are hard to code

When you are building the decentralized application, a lot of problems are known for you and the first one is Heisenbug which causes certain alteration to the computer operational behavior with the help of the testing process.

Look for decentralization

To store the information in a distributed database is a challenging process for the app developer. It helps to prompts the need and also maintains the entire system to make the different nodes up to date.Blockchain has shown their impact on the appdevelopment but there is no need to worry especially app developers as it’s only going to give the best opportunity to the app development.