Looking to complete your task in the easiest way with no efforts? Well, your problems with so many difficulties can be solved by mobile application in smartphones. From online shopping to booking air ticket, all your task can be done by applications as such mobile application create a perfect platform for you where you can do anything just by sitting at home and using your smartphone.

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. All your work can be done in a quick way. Some of you are aware of every app whether it’s playing games in smartphones or booking Uber cab to reach the destination but there are also few of you who don’t know about any of the latest apps about its features or its advantage, nothing. So let’s discuss now what types of mobile apps are in daily used by users.

Native Apps

You must know about the native app. If not, then let us discuss about its feature and advantage for the users or app developers. Native apps used for a single mobile operating system as you are not able to use the Android or Windows app in IOS. You can develop your app more than one platform here but the development cost will be higher for you. If you want to judge the native app on a performance basis then wider access to a device with the help of content and icon.

Hybrid Apps

Now if you see Hybrid apps then it is different from Native as these apps are faster and easy to develop so it is a plus point for the users. It’s good news for the app developer that it requires low maintenance cost. However, the app store takes around 30% fee from all purchase action and it is also the same in Native apps.

Web Apps

Web app usually written in Javascript, HTLM5 or CSS. The use of the web page will allow you to require the minimum number of device memory and all your database is saved on your server. So, if you look for the maintenance then its cost is low because of a single code. The advantage of Web apps is there is no need for installation but if there is no installation then it is not visible at stores.

Lifestyle apps

It is one of the types of app which definitely used by users on a daily basis like fitness, shopping or fashion. Basically, it provides you such apps where it can create interest on every human being. For Example Tinder and free texting as these apps used in every operating system whether it’s Android or IOS.

Entertainment Apps

It is just similar to the lifestyle apps as it also creates such a mobile application which the users like to use for Example Netflix, Amazon Prime and Dubsmash. These apps only create for the entertainment of the people if the people have free time but they have not decided what to do.

So such Mobile applications are the type of apps which is used by every user and you must be aware of all such application which is now the basic need of every human.