Tips and strategies for balancing between online and offline social activities.

Due to the advancement in technology smart phones have become an integral part of life that lead us a huge problem of managing life. It means managing our online social activity and offline social activity.  Creating a balance between daily life and offline activities has huge factor because now-a-days people spend more time on their phones rather than doing outdoor work.

Especially younger generation is giving less importance to outdoor activities and confined themselves to their smart phones. This phenomenon not limited to India but a worldwide people around the globe has becoming weak or less aware when it comes to social interaction without the help of technology.  Therefore, in order to create balance between online social lives and offline social lives we will enlist some of the effective techniques which will help you in achieving this goal.

Decide your prime objectives

Mostly users spend time online rather than its necessary requirements which disturb the balance of life. In order to avoid this, decide your objectives or important task for which you required internet. Don’t waste time unnecessarily this will help you in saving wasted time and money that you unknowingly spend online.

Create a plan

Drafting a plan for the essential conduct of your daily life activities is the best method of creating a balance between online social lives and offline social lives.

By drafting a plan you can keep the track of the time you consume while doing offline activities. This will give you basic idea of how much time you are spending daily for achieving your goals.

Balance between Online Social Lives And Offline Social Lives
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Suppose if you are doing some business for which you require the help of digital marketing then you create a plan which include your goals, long term objectives regarding engaging your target audience, conversion funnels, etc.

Acknowledging your weakness

You should remember that just by being social or engaging online does not allow you to quit your day job and take retirement. Without any effective plan and objective you just eventually ended up wasting your time and effort. If possible then go face to face interaction with your friends.

Social media help us in building relationships but it is in our hand to make the bond strong by carving out time for face to face interaction and real conversations with the friends we made online that will allow our relationship to grow further.

Make a Call don’t text to friend

Just like face to face interaction, calling is also important as most of the time people tend to engage in texting their friends and family rather than calling them. This led to a problem of communication gap between the users and their friends, relatives etc. Therefore, always ensure that when you make communication try to make a call that you want to communicate instead of posting a message online.

Prepare a Schedule

It may seem to be similar to drafting a plan but little bit different by making a schedule, you can do proper management of time. It means you should fix a particular time for engaging in online activities 1hour, 2hour, and 3hour. It depends upon your need and requirements and this will increase your productivity and you can able to maintain balance between online social activities and offline social activities.

Use blocking apps and software

This is the best strategy for those users who have weak will power and find difficult to detach them from engaging in online activities such as Facebook and Whatsapp etc. Apps like self-control and cold turkey will actively block your device from certain websites and users have not solely depends upon their will power in remaining stay off social media. This will help you in maintaining balance between online social activities and offline social activities.

Engaging yourself in outdoor activities or taking day off

Users whose jobs are related to internet which has to remain continuously online while doing their job. After that they engage online for leisure and social activities find difficult to maintain a balance between online and offline social activities so this strategy is beneficial for them. It allows them to come with more energy and focus when next time they engage with their daily life activities. Taking a day off with your friends, family or engaging yourself in outdoor activities such as playing football, rugby, cricket etc. will strengthen your mind and body and you will able to maintain a balance between online and offline social activities.

Also playing outdoor sports will improve your health. So whenever you will over exhausted hectic either take a day off with your friends and family or engage yourself in outdoor activities. Proper execution of above mentioned tips and strategies will definitely help you to maintain a balance between offline and online social activities.

Through all these tips you can better understand how important is to involve yourself socially.

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