Competition might be tough, Blockchain vs Bitcoin

We remember those days when people read newspaper and what they find out that more and more incidents happens in their town but now the situation is when they read the newspaper then a new technology launched and ready to bring a vast change in our country. No matter how much a backward country is, all technology is ready to reach to every user so that they can live their life in a proper way as much as possible.

We know here you are imagining the smartphone or mobile application but let’s step forward from that and talk about the topmost technology of these days which is Blockchain technology. Do you know what Blockchain is? It is such a technology that is ready to transfer everything whether it is about some property or about the stocks or you can say about the currency concept exchange as it always offers you good safety and lowers cost which is beneficial for you.

Now one more concept we want to share with you and that is Bitcoin as it is Crypto currency that simply created electronically on your PC in a virtual wallet. But my question is for you all that which one is better Blockchain or Bitcoin? My opinion goes with Blockchain. Read the below content to know more about it.

 How Blockchain won the competition.

So, we are here to highlight which one is better in comparison with other so the first aspect is about the transaction as we all know that the role of Bitcoin is to reduce the transaction charges. It is a Crypto currency, which is ready to reduce your transaction time of cross-border transaction. Now if we compare this with Blockchain then let me tell you that the transaction here done in the safest environment as it is distributed ledger that helps you in a transaction process rapidly.

BlockChain vs Bitcoin which one is better?
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Now let’s focus on the adaptability to find out the difference between Blockchain and Bitcoin so we have studied many times about the bitcoin that it something that is rigid and always ready to concentrate on cross border transactions. But finally if we move and watch out the blockchain it first started out as ledger and then it concentrates to improve in every industry in a slow process and now we can say that Blockchain is one of the greatest technologies in the market these days.

Okay, it might be biased but we want to share for you a plus point for the Blockchain technology user as we all know both Bitcoin and Blockchain are recorded only on the numeric code and it might be reason people not able to understand. But the fact is Blockchain has been working with many companies and ready to follow its rules and regulation so this way it shows every transaction publically and also has full access to the ledger. This way Blockchain is one the technology that is generally used by many users as compared to Bitcoin.

So, the last aspect which is about their scope and if we look first about the Bitcoin then the scope is limited as compared to Blockchain which is more open in the market and ready to work in every top company.

Want to know which one is better? First of all, there is no need to say that this is bad or this one is good because both of them are perfect match according to their level. But what I see is Blockchain technology popularity is more as compared to Bitcoin and the reason is many Cryptocurrency has invented and got huge popularity in the market and this way the use of Bitcoin get reduced significantly.