Managing the complexity of paid search for a national retail search strategy? Not to be intimidating – and take control of all begins by understanding what you are trying to achieve for your brand or client. Here are five lessons we learned while Digital Marketing Agencies Stafford working with Bridgestone Retail Operations this year.

Creating keywords and targeting multi-pronged approach
Building a paid search campaign structure is never one size fits all model. This not only applies to vertical industry or brand, but it runs as deep as the theme of the keyword or device you are looking for a target. It sounds so cliche, but think about your customers at every point of the funnel that is related to your business objectives can essentially dictate everything. This in turn will lead strategic decisions surrounding both types of keywords to utilize and level targeting used from geographical point.

Our work with Bridgestone Retail Operations (BSRO) is a perfect example of this. As competition in the industry continues to increase and costs along with it, DAC evolved BSRO campaign structure to best align with their business objectives, with a balance between national and local tactics focused targeting. In taking a multi-pronged approach to customer-centric paid search, in addition to building on the tactics that are relevant to enable customers to easily transact with their nearest local store, DAC drove significant YoY improvement in results.

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  1. Know your audience

Knowing your audience seems like a simple concept at its core, but it can often be confused with the audience you THINK you should target. A very easy way to gather insights about your audience demographics add Google to search for your campaign. You do not need to start targeting the audience right off the bat, but rather, use this feature to gather data about the existing site visitors. What you find may surprise you, and can help inform decisions made – not only to increase the volume but also to increase efficiency.

audience targeting can be very powerful – so use every option available to your advantage. This includes but is not limited to remarketing, audience similar and match customer. By adding this audience list to an existing campaign first, you can gather insight into cross-device behavior, which may encourage decisions about the campaign and how it can grow audiences results against your clients’ business objectives.

When tested BSRO Similar Audience targeting in Q1 2017, the results are very surprising and positive.

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Know your competition
When I say know your competitors, I mean KNOW your competition. They referred to a competitor for a reason – it’s time to get in the game! It’s not enough to just admit they exist – you have to really understand how they play in the room, what they excel at, and what they have. Consistently this track, because it really can make or break your performance for any given week.

Google Auction Insights is a free tool, and my advice – take advantage of it. Record trends relating to share your competitors and you may very well know their paid search marketing plan for this year. This will help you prepare for the weeks and months ahead, where you have to push and pull a little, and maybe even give an incentive Digital Marketing Company Stafford to test some of conquesting in terms of competitors.

Conquesting can work to your advantage, especially in retail, as so often, it’s not a “who” or “what” is important, but “where.”

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