• COVID-19 Crisis communications – we are working with many of our clients on crisis communication Digital Marketing Company Southampton strategies and have years of experience in this job. It could be as simple as a phone call is scheduled to discuss the communication of what you want to put out, had been put out, or to be issued. In many cases simple social media posts will not be enough. See below for the case study recently. If you want to chat, book time here.
  • Customized content and schedule social media posts – If we had to work with you on your social media content, it may be that we have prepared, was approved and scheduled content may not be appropriate now. For example, if a post that promote community events that have since been canceled. We are happy to cancel or postpone the writing that is no longer appropriate at no cost to you. If you need a new message will be created and scheduled in their place, please contact us and we will give discounts for these services because these exceptional circumstances.

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  • The beginning of the 19th COVID social media content development and posting – If your in-house team overwhelmed by tasks that are urgent and would like support in the development of some or all of your social media content, see our social media package here: www.thecreativecollective. / social-media-management
  • social media training – If you feel out of your depth or if the in-house team that usually perform marketing tasks is off due to illness, care or focus on the area of ​​operation of other business, the staff alternative is now possible to perform tasks foreign to them and require training. We can offer online Consult / training in short to educate broadly, or particular issues you may be facing, drawing on our many years of marketing experience and a deep knowledge of most marketing and social media channels. See our training options here.

Existing clients with a chain of food stores contact us today to arrange a generic social media posts on their social channels. We suggest that the generic posts which will be the only noise is unnecessary in a busy feed virus and economic impact related posts.

We asked to speak with management and understand how business operations have been adjusted to ensure the health and safety of customers. We also asked about the products and services that may be of interest to their customers today, and found that some stores have a Drive Thru, some offered Uber Eats, some products and accessories can be ordered online, and their food can also be ordered by telephone and brought out into the parking lot.

It helps us shape the message more relevant and timely for the social channel clients of yet another generic social posts. We also advise on the distribution of this message, and the need to increase the visibility of the message to ensure it is and what kind of budget would be needed here.

With communication ready we believe the client’s ability to distribute timely and relevant messages can even generate sales provided they are well prepared to help those who Digital Marketing Company in Southampton observe the current self-isolation.

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