As coronavirus continues to negatively affect many sectors in the UK, millions of jobs have been lost, which has caused billions of pounds lost in some key industries. After identifying the UK industry that has experienced a dramatic decline in profits in the last Digital Marketing Agencies in Sheffield two months, our data analysts who are interested in predicting which of the worst sector may recover fastest.

After investigating the Google Trends data recently, we found the following results:



After analyzing the ‘rental car’ search term, projections indicate that the sectors most likely to have the fastest recovery is the motor trade!

Projections show that the lowest dip for this industry in early April, and graphically illustrates that slowly began to rise around the end of April and is set to get back on its feet May 31, 2020. Fortunately, eased lockdown measures have played a big part in the revival of the industry ,

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Here the motor trade is education. After analyzing the search term ‘mathematics teachers’, it can be revealed that are expected to recover by June 21, 2020 – their path to recovery helped by schools to reopen and lockdown steps are reduced, which means that more older people will be willing to hire tutors follows home -school. Although it has been difficult, estimates indicate that there is light at the end of the tunnel for those in the sector.


In third place is a beauty and cosmetics. It is estimated that the beauty industry will return to normal interest at June 28, 2020, following a significant reduction of interest in May was calculated industry will recuperate during the summer. Although coronaviruses have set them back, they expected to get back on their feet soon.


Sports and entertainment industry is expected to recover in July 19, 2020. This not only helps with the nation’s hunger for fitness, but also eased the steps lockdown. their biggest decline in interest was recorded in April, but just three months later they are set to return to the track.


Tourism is a major sector that has been affected negatively by the coronavirus, this has led to a dramatic decline in interest, and therefore profits. Although they are not in last place, they are not projected to return to a normal rate until 10 September 2020. However, this is only visible in the accommodation, therefore the aviation industry could potentially longer wait until things are back to normal.


Hospitality and events industry is one that has been greatly affected by the coronavirus to be bad. Out of the list of the worst industrial Reboots affected, hospitality is the most negatively affected.

Projections show that the industry will not return to normal in the near future, with the date of the recovery is expected on September 25, 2020. However, this could potentially be kept longer because even though the restaurant may be opened, major events such as the music festival has been reported by the BBC as ‘difficult’ to imagine ‘until 2021.

Unfortunately, this sector has a lot of work to do to get back on its feet. It is not only shown in approximate Reboot, but through government legislation and reporting in the media. The Digital Marketing Company Sheffield closure of pubs, bars and restaurants are among some of the restrictions placed on the industry, thus stopping his efforts.

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