How to save your personal data while using public WI-FI?

Stay alert from the professional hackers when using public WI-FI. You are going outside with your family to restaurant and after reaching there you get to know that you don’t have a data connection in your smartphone all you have to do using the Public Wi-Fi to pay. Public Wi-Fi […]

Are you aware about the RBI norms on consumer’s data?

RBI norms will secure your data and privacy. Yes, we are aware about the RBI norms on consumer’s data back in 2014, Reserve bank of India has given direction to multinational payments companies. According to the mandate companies strictly followed the rule of storing data related to Indian consumers within the country. […]

How can I save my deleted data from hackers?

No doubt someone is ruling in your department who knows every information. Those are able to steal some information that you don’t want to show anyone. That type of person is called hackers who don’t care about you and your organization. The job of every professional hacker is to steal […]

Facebook agrees to pay fine to UK against data breaches

Before going on a current situation let’s go to flashback because we are going to remind you the time when Facebook paid a big fine to Information’s Commissioner’s Office. Social media giant Facebook paid around $664,000 as they paid fine because at that time Facebook and Cambridge Analytica Scandal broke […]

What is Yahoo groups data, how to download it?

Let’s go back and remember the time when there was no social media platform available like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter nothing. We are imagining the moment and guess what we remember one the platform for the users where users met with each other. Yes, those were the days when people open […]