When it comes to search engine marketing, there is loads of information available (even for us). Developing SEO strategy has never been more important, but you need to navigate through the good from bad. search engine marketing services has Digital Marketing Company Newcastle changed a lot over the years. In fact, that was an understatement. There is, often, several updates a year from Google and, as a result, you need to continually adapt your SEO strategy. SEO myths come hand in hand with this update, so many marketers are not sure what kind of worn out, it is important and what will work. So, we have gathered the most common myths to debunk them and keep you on the right path.

SEO is a scam
Excuse me? Search engine marketing is, most definitely, not a scam. With digital marketing strategy right, you can see a significant growth in traffic, customer retention and revenue. Below the graph is a screenshot of progress is possible only in a year when investing in SEO strategy.

It is not possible to double the traffic achieved in just one year – especially if you are targeting the correct search terms and generate relevant blog posts and deep, keep your website regularly updated. Unfortunately, many companies have been approached by companies promising search engine marketing services, but delivers nothing. If you have already paid £ 100 for the job one month, and the company promises to put you at the top of Google, then it is a scam. good SEO content and digital marketing strategies take time and research. This is not a one size fits all industries, but one that requires extreme patience and commitment. If you have it, a good SEO strategy can prove the added benefit of more traffic.

We did it once
You may have to do it once – two years ago – but your digital marketing strategy requires constant effort. Update Google likes to throw into the pot every few months, and evolving search engine algorithms could spell bad news for a brand is not up to date with SEO. Once completed and left SEO strategy falls far below the mark, and will negatively affect your business. If you do not continue to improve your search engine marketing strategy, you risk:

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Link rot (bad backlinks and pages that no longer go anywhere)
your competitors move to a higher position in SERPs
outdated content and no longer marketable

The graph above is one such example of traffic retailers experienced a steady decline due to a lack of a consistent marketing strategy. The users overall has dropped from 10 444 to a staggering 5959.

Keyword stuffing will get me to the top of Google
Will not. Google quickly became more adept at reading natural language, and you need to roll with the times. Stuffing keywords into your text and convert it into a format readable barely big no-no. You will not go to dinner with your friends and shout ‘restaurant Newcastle’ every two minutes, so do not do it on your blog. Likewise, Google will look through those still hiding behind a white font on their terms …

Write as if you are going to speak to a human. Of course, the use of keywords, but allowing the flow of articles – you will then begin to take on long-tail keywords naturally, thereby increasing your traffic. Plus, it’s likely your bounce rate will go through the roof if your readers do not understand what you are saying because of the sheer volume of keyword stuffing.

The result is instant
As an SEO content marketing and digital agency, believe us when we say this would be a dream. Unfortunately, it was not, and a good SEO strategy takes time and patience. At Flow, we wanted to spend the first month and make sure to update your technical SEO is at the point, before moving on to juicier assignments in two Digital Marketing Company in Newcastle and three. Three months is when you will start to see the differences and improvements, traffic and changes implemented.

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