Well as security loopholes with Google based platform Android is increasing day by day. Recently Google has made a policy of paying hackers to find bug issues in millions of apps in form of Google Bounty program. Similarly, Android anti-theft has been started to make your device more secure. Android anti-theft empowered, if anybody want to reset your device then your Google account ID and secret word will be required to do so.

This can enable you to keep your gadget secure, regardless of whether it is in an inappropriate hand. You can improve your odds of recuperating it, and even eradicate your gadget remotely and keep it from reactivating without your consent.

You should simply turn on Android hostile to robbery, and utilize the ‘Discover My Gadget’ application with your Google account ID and secret word. 

Some major Anti-theft Android applications

1. Cerberus

Cerberus is the leading third-party application for Android. It provides vast list of functionalities to which even its rivals cannot able to compete.

The three fundamental ways that Cerberus secures your gadget are remote control through the web-based interface, remote control by means of instant message, and programmed cautions.

Do you know about Android Anti-theft App?
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The application can find and track your mobile, lock your gadget, start an alert on your phone, transfer call logs, and wipe out both inside and outside memory.

Cerberus will likewise help guarantee any individual who takes your smartphone winds up in a tough situation with the law.

It can furtively take photographs and record the voice of any individual who has your gadget and after that at that point transfer them to you to see by the cloud. You can even record sound from your phone’s mic. The application likewise bolsters programmed activities.

For instance, you can make the smartphone lock itself if the SIM card is changed, or wrong password typed to unlock the phone. You can avail seven-day free preliminary. Onward, you have to pay $5 every year for master rendition.

2. Anti-theft alarm

As the name recommends, the application will create a high sound of alarm in specific conditions. For instance, you can cause it to go off in case that somebody unplugs your smartphone while it’s charging; in that case it is possible that somebody moves your phone from the place where you left it.

You can enable the alarm remotely if you find out somebody has stolen it.

The alarm can sound regardless of whether your gadget is on silent mode. When activated the sound won’t stop until you feed the right Password.  Changing the battery or SIM won’t have any impact. It is free to download.

3. Avast mobile security

It is used to be a most favourable anti-theft application, yet Avast has since packaged it into an all-encompassing security bundle.

The application has the alarms, maps, and remote controls, yet there are two or three more functionality that made a special impact.

First is remote tuning in. You can make your gadget call you on another number and tune in to its environment.

Your telephone’s screen will stay dark so the criminal has no clue that there’s a functioning call. Second, you can get a low battery warning.

It will provide you some insight about whether somebody is charging and utilizing your gadget. It gives you a chance to lessen the quantity of cautions, alarms. With this you can save power as much as possible.

While Avast’s Android application is free, you’ll have to buy in to gain admittance to all the anti-theft functionalities. To access all features you have to pay $2 per month, or $20 per year.

4. Find My device

It is a Google’s anti-theft application and part of all Android smartphones too. It lets you remotely lock your phone, gives you permission to sign out from your gadget remotely and wipe its memory.

You can likewise observe your smartphone’s area on a guide and call it by means of the going with application.

In case you lock your smartphone remotely, you can compose a lock screen message that your gadget will continuously show all the time until you deactivate it.

To check the status of Find my device go to Settings > Google > Security and tap on Discover My Gadget. Slide the switch at the highest point of the window into the on position if the component isn’t dynamic. You don’t have to pay to use it.

Final Thought…

By going-through above mentioned all points one can clearly understand how much Google is serious about its security loopholes that it is making constant efforts to satisfy the consumers. It is good thinking from Google and must strict its policies regarding publishing of apps on play store to further improving the security aspect of its products. Nobody wants that their smartphones getting stolen but unfortunately you face all these things. It is a better idea to keep some anti-theft app in your mobile. With the help of these apps you can easily secure your android mobile phones. For some app you have to pay money or for some you can use basic features free of cost. If you are not using this type of any anti-theft app to secure your mobile then download it now.

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