efore starting this article I just want to ask one question from our readers that what tool is required or what technique you needed to increase the rank page in Google for your brand or website? You require the best technique here and that is possible only with Search Engine Optimization process. You must have well-trained staff for the SEO because you are looking to improve the page ranking of your brand or product and that is possible only if someone knows every kind of techniques of SEO.

It is important to work on the page ranking because you want your audience to look at your website or your brand first and that is possible if your team did a fabulous job with SEO concepts. Right tools and the right concept always work no matter how bad your website or your brand’s ranking is on Google page. For this you should know what technique need to implement. With SEO, you also need one more tools that can enable you to represent your brand on the browser, bookmark lists and in search ads or search list. Do you want to know what you need for this? Have you ever heard the word Favicon? This article is especially for you all to get aware of what actual Favicon is so read it till end.

What is Favicon?

You can say it is a little piece of graphic or a small icon that contains many things like logo, the first letter of brand, website icon, bookmark icon and some interesting images that represent your business. You will watch all icons and images are placed in a file and that is called favicon.ico. It was introduced in 1999 with only one motive to be shown only for bookmarked URLs. But nowadays you can see many instances were displayed where favicon are displayed. What do you think why this we need? It is always helpful for the branding and also usability in various ways so I don’t think there can be any disadvantage of Favicon.

Do you know about Favicon?
Image Credit: Google Image

This is what we want to say about the Favicon but the content is not ending here because we are going to tell you about its uses or advantages.

Some advantage and Usage of Favicon

  • For getting easily recognized by the user, Favicon is ready to help you all. You can introduce or say Favicon as your site little ID. This way it enables the audience to always remember your site when they are browsing multiple URLs. Favicon enables them to recognize the site and access there because the power of graphic is more as compared to text.
  • Next advantage is its credibility and trust. So if you avoid Favicon and doesn’t show it then, of course, your web browser displays the default and also black document on browse tab. Let me tell you that most of the audience judges the retailers that how they professionally built their site or what efforts they show. So if there is no Favicon then definitely you lose credibility if users will compare your site with others.
  • Is it good to say that Favicon enable users to save their time and efforts? Yes it is true that Favicon helps you to save your entire time when you identify the website from bookmarks. Also, when users are looking to identify the website from history and other places so, we can say that it makes your browsing easy. 
  • Here the next is some kind of suggestion for you that make sure your Favicon is recognizable like Google. Why, let me tell you. Most of the audience bookmarks the site when they need to re-visit here. We all know people like quick visual response instead of text so they re-visit to your site which they bookmarked. Your site can also be removed forever from the bookmark list of the audience if you do not have Favicon.

Wants to create custom Favicon?

Okay with the above content if Favicon excite then it’s not a big deal to create custom Favicon. All you have to do is-

  • First you have to search for Free Favicon generator on the web. When you search you find many so choose whichever you like.
  • The next process is simple just create your file. Remember Favicon has very small images so don’t include too many details (usually 16 pixels by 16 pixels).
  • You need to choose a theme so what you have to do is go to the Image section.
  • At last you have to add or replace the default Favicon and you have to replace it with the custom design.

Favicon is the important tool just like we need others to promote our products or brands. When we add any website to our home screen or added them as bookmarked that is Favicon. It makes our brand more identifiable. I hope you now you understand what exactly Favicon is. Just use it to make your brand more visible.

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