Get insight of why Progressive web App is the future of App development?

Progressive web app is the new phenomenon in app development industry. But don’t panic it is not some kind of new frame work or technology.  These are the applications which can do the task as native app or web apps both.

You can think this app as a light version of main applications such as Facebook lite etc. PWAs (progressive web applications are compatible with Opera, chrome, safari across the browsers.)

For using the PWAs just click on the option “add home page “from your browser’s menu and it will appear on your device home screen as the lite version of the same app.  Similar to native app they let you build your own account, send push notifications and so on.

Features of progressive web app:

  • Responsive app

Progressive web applications due to their dual nature is considered to be most responsive applications they are compatible across the devices whether it is mobile, tablet etc.

  • Connectivity independent

This characteristic allows you to work offline even in low quality networks.

  • Automatically updation

This characteristic keeps your applications up to date automatically. User does not need to download updates again and again both in Android and IOS.

  • Safe

Safety and security is the most important feature which any smartphone user expects from the application. These applications are secured by Https to prevent snooping and it also ensures your content has not been compromised.

  • Re-engage able

This characteristic makes relinking or re-engagement process via native app features like Push notifications.

  • Installable

This feature allows user to put their favorite apps on their home screen without creating the fuss on app store and play store.

  • Linkable

The progressive web application doesn’t have complex installation process they can be easily shared by URL.

  • Progressive

These applications are not only easy to operate but they are so compatible that they work for every user irrespective of the browser choice. They are developed with progressive enhancement as a core tenet.

  • Quick and Rapid performance

Everybody likes high speed processing applications means the application who takes less than 3 seconds to upload.

Do you know about progressive Web App?
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Therefore, loading and processing speed becomes important sites or applications which take more than 3 seconds to upload discarded or rejected by users. This issue has been resolved by progressive web applications which load quicker than conventional sites.

Benefits emerging from progressive web app as compared to building Android app:

  1. Cross platform compatibility

This is the greatest benefit of PWAs (progressive web apps) these applications are compatible across the platforms and operating devices. It provides relief to the developers in terms of developing an app across the platforms.

2. Cost effective

No matter what type of application you are creating cost required to develop an app becomes important aspect in success of your application. The cost of building an app for website and Android differs.  The cost of designing and developing an app for website is much cheaper than Android.

3.Integrated user experience

Since PWAs has functions of native apps which enhances user experience. For example User can add these app on their home screen, also send push notifications similar to native apps and can also accessed to device specifications and functionalities like native apps.

4. Consistently keeps user engaged

 Similar to native apps PWAs also sends push notifications to a user this keeps user curiosity intact by keeping the user informed or notified. This will ultimately keep user engaged with the app. 


By understanding above mentioned points we can say that PWAs are the future of app development. Low cost development, faster performance, enhanced security and take less space as compared to main applications all this features contributes in the increasing demand of PWAs.