Orkut the much more advanced and useful Social networking site ever existed.

No, Orkut doesn’t exist anymore. It already had been shut down back in 2014 September 30. But at that time, Orkut users were given an opportunity to backup or export their photo albums, scraps, Orkut profiles, testimonials and community posts. Any type of content user can able to back it up and deadline was fixed September 2016.

Google workers dedicated to work 20% of their time on other projects which is not related to their job responsibility. Orkut was born just because of superb idea of the management and the employee’s dedication. Google workers spend almost 5th of their time working on ideas.

If user now tries to find the website the site is still exist where you will see a letter from founder welcoming user with hello message. This is the replacement of Orkut from the first social media site based on loves not likes. Hello is controlled by Hello networks not from Google.

Does “ORKUT” still exist?
Image Credit: Google Image

Since the website is already closed now let’s get into the insights of Orkut. It was the social networking website owned and operated by Google.

Orkut was especially designed to help users to meet their old and new friends and the site was named after its creator “Orkut Buyukkokten”. You can also think Orkut as a forefather of Facebook. Orkut was the first social website designed for building relationships and making friends online.

It was one of the most traffic generating website in Brazil and India in 2008. Due to this Orkut was fully controlled and managed by Brazil in Brazilian city “Belo Horizonte.” Final decision was taken due to the growing of legal issues with Brazilian user base.

Some Great features of Orkut that users still missed today:

Feature of Crush list

This is the advanced feature of Orkut was existed even before the emergence of modern dating sites. By the use of this feature you can add your friend into your crush list. Similar thing can do by the other person when you added as your crush. If same thing happen with each other then In this case both the partners receive a notification informing about the confirmation from both sides. It’s like sweet dating site.

Orkut scrapbook

This feature is similar to Facebook wall but much more advanced than facebook. Orkut scrapbook had added lot of fun and color in user lives. At that time this feature sometimes becomes a means of spreading those emotional or moody sounds like awwww.., hoooooo… etc. But irrespective of the weirdness, it was quite real and fun at the same time.

Feature of Fully customizable theme

This is the feature which user could not able to find in modern social networking sites or applications. User can able to fully customize his/her orkut page and can add their favorite color to the site and make it much more lively and interesting. So, by this you can understand how advanced features Orkut had even though it was existed before Facebook.

Orkut users also had the freedom to link and add videos to their profile either from Google video or YouTube. Along with the additional feature of generating either restricted or unrestricted polls for a community, user was also able to chat and share file. Through Gtalk feature people can integrate just similar to Facebook, where user’s uses like button for liking pictures, content and also to share their interest with their friends.

Orkut has granted full ability to its users where they customize or fully change their interface from the diverse range of colorful themes available in the library. But the interesting fact to note was themes were only available in Brazil or India.