PPC Ah the life blood of search Digital Marketing Agencies Bath engine and what a great advantage many business owners have tried and now hate!

Most businesses in the digital age have or have tried Pay Per Click advertising and many businesses where left with a bad taste in their mouths. (Sense of marketing budget is wasted)

leads to the question. Is PPC ads worth to your business? Now the question is only met with more questions.

Is it profitable.

If you can not if managed properly?

Is the traffic and marketing my other source that is more profitable?

PPC advertising is not as simple as bid on keywords and watch the traffic roll in. There are many factors that make or break a PPC campaign and when implemented properly can cause tremendous campaign profitable.

The most common reason we see PPC campaigns fail is poor structure of the campaign, scores of poor quality, poor ad copy and landing page optimization poor.

adwords campaign structure
campaign structure

One of the most important factors for a successful PPC. campaign structure is how you build a PPC campaign.

It is separated into;



The ad group



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Your account is the top level where the billing information and your business organized. Quite easy.

Then below should be your campaign. The campaign has its own budget and targets a different area. Also you can separate your campaign with the main areas of business. For example, if you are a law firm you might have a campaign for law and one for property conveyancing.

Once the campaign is set You must create an ad group. Ad groups must contain a set of similar ads targeting the same keywords. Using the analogy of the law firm. In the “legal campaign” I am I have an ad group to “criminal law” “Family Law” “compensation” etc. and under my “campaign Affairs Property” I have an ad group from the “removal services” “property settlement” etc.

Advertising The next and most important part here is to have multiple ads for each ad group! So many campaigns fail because they use one copy of the advertisement and hope it works. The beauty of Adwords that allows you to create multiple ads and testing them against each other to see what is getting the best results.

Keywords also need to be investigated. A keyword generates many clicks sounded great, but if it does not lead to a conversion was made to keywords that are very expensive. All PPC campaign must have conversion tracking in place. If you do not shoot in the dark.

Quality score

Simply put if you want to play in the arena of Google you have to play by their rules. It’s not really a bad thing. Google rewards advertisers who brings to the table better content, user experience and relevance. Google really give a step by step guide on what they want from advertisers. Unlike SEO where there is a lot of guess work. PPC has it all laid out for you. See Google’s guidelines for quality score here

Landing Page Optimization

PPC campaigns that generate a lot of clicks still show the return on investment rubbish. If you drive traffic to the site is difficult to navigate, does not have a call to action and not optimized for the phone you are in trouble. Conversion Rate Optimization can be the best friend for PPC campaigns that gets lots of clicks but result in lower ROI.

Landing page optimization

So, it is a decent PPC? First of make sure you have everything in place for a successful campaign then you will Digital Marketing Company Bath have the appropriate knowledge to determine whether other forms of marketing to bring a higher ROI or not.

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