How to effectively use email marketing.
email Marketing

Has a strong email marketing strategy and the right is one of the most important aspects of a successful Digital Marketing Agency in Newcastle . The best thing is to be fully automated so that after that set it continues to send through the sale and or referrals.

The purpose of email marketing is not just to send out a monthly newsletter. It is to sell products and services to new clients and existing ones.

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Upsell Email Marketing

Using the pool care business as an example, a book has a pool of customers in those served through an online portal. This capture their email addresses and other people’s data (or data is added manually to the database). Now that the service they finished the first swimming pool of customers can be added to a separate email marketing campaigns. One might be to upsell care products such as chlorine swimming pool or swimming pool filter. Another campaign will be used to encourage customers to book a room at another service that offers 10% off for being a loyal customer.

This is a fairly easy concept to understand, Its keep your customers coming back for more. Finally, increasing the lifetime value of your customers.

email marketing campaigns
Acquisition Email Marketing

A common question is “how email marketing generates new customers”. Well when combined with content marketing can work wonders.

A strategy was simplified will combine to create and distribute compelling content and useful as an ebook, using the example of the care-top swimming pool this could be an ebook is a guide for the care of the pool or “3 easiest way to keep your pool looked clean” potential customers this download after reading a blog or social media posts to effectively provide their details. Once they have submitted their details they get access to the free content and you add it to the email marketing acquisition campaigns. Email marketing campaign is then used to redirect potential customers to a landing page on your web site to make a purchase or book for the service.

It is important to understand that the strategy on the concept of the value ladder entrance.

Value ladder helps you build an email marketing campaign. If you go in strong with sales to start with you will not get a great response. You need to add more value slowly over time and keep your audience engaged until they believe enough business to buy.

Email campaign could look like this.

1 email – thank you for downloading our 3 easy ways to make your pool look clean. Do not hesitate to visit this page to learn more about the care of the pool and book for free pH test.

2 email – Did you know that the pH level of your pool can affect your health in the following ways …… (problem of health list) you can order to test the pH level complimentary to our friendly consultants .. Book here ( related to the landing page)

3 emails – We hope you find our ebook useful. Remember we offer free pH test for the month of January. Booked your free test here (link to the landing page)

This sort of campaign would allow the pool maintenance company concerned to get their foot in the door and pitch their services face to face. Given that they are professional and offer a quality service once a customer has purchased their service is then added to upsell email marketing campaigns to ensure they get maximum value from the client.

Again. No one reads your Digital Marketing Agencies in Newcastle newsletter and if they do so they do not get more revenue.