Before going on a current situation let’s go to flashback because we are going to remind you the time when Facebook paid a big fine to Information’s Commissioner’s Office. Social media giant Facebook paid around $664,000 as they paid fine because at that time Facebook and Cambridge Analytica Scandal broke up because Facebook allows the scandal to take place and also they paid because of lacking proper privacy protections.

Now Once again social media giant Facebook catches the main headlines because they need to pay 500,000 pounds and they agree to pay this amount. We can say that this Cambridge Analytica Scandal created a hectic situation for Facebook because the amount is not a minor one. Not only financial loss it will also affect its repo. Let’s go ahead and try to know the whole matter.

Want to know the agreement between Analytica & Facebook!

Now of course, there should be an agreement between both because Facebook has to pay a huge amount because of the data breach issue. We need to inform you that both social media giant Facebook and Information’s Commissioner’s Office decided now to withdraw their respective appeals. Facebook decided to pay without any question being raised by the Company and also it made no admission of liability in the case. The agreement is important for Facebook because it gonna help the Company to retain the document disclosed by the information rights regulator. Also, it includes furthering its own investigation into issues around Cambridge Analytica Scandal. 

The Deputy Commissioner of Information’s Commissioner’s Office James Dipple-Johnstone said, “The ICO’s main concern was that UK Citizen data was exposed to a serious risk of harm. Protection of personal information and personal privacy is of fundamental importance, not only for the rights of individuals, but also as we now know, for the preservation of a strong democracy. We are pleased to hear that Facebook has taken, and will continue to take, significant steps to comply with the fundamental principles of data protection.” 

Facebook agrees to pay fine to UK against data breaches
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What Facebook replied on ICO statement?

Social media giant Facebook ICO shared in their statement so, on behalf of Facebook, Harry Kinmonth, Director and Associate General Counsel, Facebook told to media. He said that after knowing about their problems regarding data breach they have brought some changes on their platform and also they restrict the information which can access app developer now.

For Facebook protecting people’s information and privacy always stay on the top for them and the Company decided to bring new controls for the users. This should be done because it can protect user’s information and users can manage completely.

Well, if the Company decided to show such controls then why don’t they focus on this situation first? Their amount of money can be safe earlier which they paid to ICO earlier or recently.  For more updates get in touch with us. Till then keep reading, keep sharing.