Folks, the social media giant “Facebook” again is in talk because of its new innovation which you’re going to see in your Facebook App soon. Yes folks, it is true that Facebook will introduce its users a new feature called “Popular Photos”. This feature is especially built for images. Isn’t it interesting feature?

Let me also tell you guys that the trial of this new feature was done in October but it is yet to launch. Are you curious to know more about this new feature of Facebook? Just stick to this article and read till the end. I’m going to share every minute detail about this new feature of Facebook. Let’s get started.

Start your reading by digging inside the concept of “Popular Photos” feature.

The new feature ‘Popular Photos’ of Facebook has basically copied from Instagram. The feature is similar like Instagram feed. This new feature will let users see algorithmically suggested photos in a feed similar to its photos sharing platform Instagram. This new feature is similar to video option which is already there on Facebook (If you’re aware of video scrolling). For instance, if you tap on sports-related videos, Facebook will show you more sport-related videos as you scroll down.

According to TechCrunch report the ‘Popular Photo’ affixes an endless scroll of algorithmically selected images from friends beneath the full-screen view of a photo opened form the news feed.

Furthermore, the feature will only display the pictures and a caption in the user’s feed. And it will also eliminate articles and status updates from view.

What more this feature will offer you?

Popular Photo feature has much to offer you. It will provide you a more relaxing, lean-back browsing experience that will exclude links you have to click-through, status updates that you have to read, and other content types that blog down the News Feed. Because of this feature, now users can passively watch the pretty pictures go by.

Facebook started its new feature named ‘Popular Photos’
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As per Tech Crunch report, currently, if you tap on a photo from the news feed, swipe down you’re redirected back to your feed. However, with this new feature, you can tap on “See more photos” and keep scrolling down.

Popular Photos also shortens the caption after 65 characters as compared to 125 characters in the Instagram Feed. However, this new feature still being worked on for future tests so company has refused to share more details on the feature or its motive for Popular Photos.

According to Facebook report, “Given Facebook already has stories, messaging, profiles, and its IGVT-esque watch video hub, it’s only the explore tab and a dedicated media feed that are missing from it being a full clone of Instagarm.

Let’s know how ‘Popular Photo’ feature will work

At present, if users find a photo in a news feed or a profile, they just tap on it to see the full-screen on a black theatre-view background. Basically, when users swipe or scroll on that photo, they will go back to where they came from. However, this new ‘Popular Photo’ feature will work by displaying out more images for users to scroll through after the original search.

It simply means, users will get to see more additional photos and “See More Photos” label beckoning them to keep whipping through more public and friends-only images shared by friends and who they follow. Like on Instagram but unlike News Feed. Furthermore, the black background will give more cinematic feel to the Popular Photos, putting emphasis on imagery.

Sum it up!

Over the last 15 years, Facebook has gained so much popularity worldwide. Every couple of years it keeps on updating Facebook or launching new features in it. This time also you can see that the new Popular Photo feature that has been introduced in Facebook is all about increasing visual elements in the app in order to attract more people to spend more time on it. However, Facebook has refused to disclose more information or details for Popular Photo feature. So let us know did you like this new feature of Facebook?

We will be back with another updates till then get in touch with us. Keep reading and keep sharing.