Hi guys, we are again here with the latest update of PUBG. The blog is for those who are enthusiasts to play with the new update. Right now, we have never seen anyone who just move on to another game and uninstall PUBG. We can understand how difficult to not to play PUBG just for one day. But we must say addiction of game is not good. Just play PUBG for entertainment. We are back gain folks just to inform you that on 23rd October 2019, PUBG has introduced a new update for you and that “Payload mode”. We are sure that you already updated your game with version 0.15.0 now.

This is important because if you want this mode to start then this version offers you such an exceptional feature. Okay, that’s now surprising for us because we know that you raise questions like “What’s new in this version or in Payload mode”? Some weapons and some unique features are there so we have set the blog properly now you just have to read out the whole content. Have a look

What’s new for PUBG players?

Did you know why the PUBG players were excited about this new mode? We will tell- you before they introduced this they promised to show you the feature of the helicopter. Now the situation is if you have updated the version 0.15.0 for Payload mode then you can enjoy the ride of a helicopter. If this is for the first time you will ride the helicopter then go for it as you can also use the helicopter for your battle.

Finally Payload mode will enhance the experience of PUBG mobile
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This can be new for you as the mode called “Payload Mode” comes with “Super Weapon Crate” and this contains air drop weapons and also level3 armour. Your excitement can raise more when you get to know Payload mode brought a vehicle repair pack where you are allowed to fix the vehicle’s damages.

New weapons for you to play PUBG, excited to know?

M79 Grenade Launcher

How can you play PUBG more amazingly when you don’t have any advanced weapon to play? PUBG game introduced Payload mode for you and this mode introduced a weapon called M79 Grenade Launcher. A weapon called M79 fires a single shot of 40mm grenades. A gun you can compare it from M79 sawed-off handgun as it is too similar. Most amazing to play with this gun is you can fire when there’s a squad or individual hiding inside the building or behind the trees. 


Okay how many of you love good old Hollywood style grenade launcher? Well, a gun RPG-7 is just for you folks which is portable, usable, shoulder-launched, anti-vehicle rocket-propelled grenade launcher. You are looking to clear the building? Use this gun which has small back-blast but one more thing, you will give away your positions to the enemies as the gun is noticeable flash and smoke.

MGL Grenade Launcher

This might be interesting for you as MGL Grenade Launcher is a six-shot revolver-type grenade launcher which is must for you to involve in the PUBG game. We have a reason why to use MGL Grenade Launcher when the situation comes you find yourself surrounded by both air and land vehicles full of enemies. You must operate this gun on Payload mode it can continue and rapid your battle more amazingly with your enemies. 


We understand this gun is common for you as you have already used earlier. Now, something changes PUBG has brought in Payload mode and we will tell you what those changes were. This portable anti-craft weapon has the power to lock its missiles onto a vehicle. An “M2E1-A” follows the vehicle courtesy due to its heat seeking capability. 


PUBG players always wait for every month to get a new update and this time its Payload mode is for you. Few days back this mode was introduced and got success because players never enjoy the riding helicopter earlier and some new guns can increase your interest as we have already explained above in this blog. Don’t think if you have an older version then you can enjoy this mode as you need version 0.15.0 for Payload mode.

Enjoy this new mode with some advanced concept. We will be back with another updates, till then keep reading and get in touch with us.