You don’t want your internet history to be seen by any of the users so you always use the Incognito mode for this process. This is the best option for you all because it keeps your information save for the future. The question is, will this kind of feature is only for browsing the internet? Of course not, after reading this blog you might surprise to know that you all are going to operate this new Incognito mode in Google Map application too. Yes, the application which is useful to find the correct direction is ready to provide you the feature of Incognito mode. Let’s try to reveal about it.

Google promised to offer Incognito mode in Google Maps!

We must say you need to keep yourself updated with what Google announced at any event. Few months back an event has been organized in California in the month of May. Various announcement regarding existing hardware and software has been done in this event. Incognito mode in Google map is one of them. Incognito mode is now ready to use in Google maps. Hope you guys are using this feature in Google Map, as it already launched last month in October 2019. Those who have not used till now might be surprised and even raised questions like how this feature is going to help you. I know many more questions you have. In this article I will try to give all question’s answer. This article will help you to give complete guidance on how to use it or what feature it shows.

How you can activate this feature in your Google Map?

How many of you operate the Google map application in your smartphones? The application used every day and also nobody has any kind of negative thoughts regarding this app. One thing we need to inform you that the right now the feature is just for Android users so those who are Apple lovers need to wait with some patience for operating this feature. Android users, if you are looking to turn on Incognito Mode in your Google map then follow below steps-

  • Okay so first, Go to your “Google map” application 
  • After opening the application on your mobile phone, click on your profile picture
  • At last just tap on “Turn on Incognito Mode”.

How Incognito mode will ready to help you? 

Most of the people always set their mind that they will operate feature only if it is going to help them. If we talk about this new Incognito Mode in Google Map then we must say you need to know about this more here. Suppose you activate this feature in your Google map then any searches you search will be out from your history then Location history wouldn’t be impacted when this Incognito mode is on.

Incognito mode is available in Google maps
Image Credit: Google Image

One more thing, with this user’s personal data won’t be used to personalize maps. We have a suggestion for you that after completing this, you can turn off your mode to let Google map regain access to those things. Google has shared some features that will not be available when your new Incognito mode is on. Here is the list-

  • Commute
  • Location sharing
  • Notification and messages
  • Search Completion Suggestions
  • Google Maps contribution
  • Media Integration
  • Google Assistant Microphone in Navigation

Apart from Incognito mode, Dark mode is always in main headlines 

Before this Incognito mode, Google also offers the feature of Dark mode last month. Nowadays every application is offering this ‘Dark mode’ feature. The main objective of this feature is, it will drain your device battery slowly. Before this Dark Mode introduction in Google Map, social media giant Facebook offers this in Messenger and also Facebook-owned Company WhatsApp too soon going to offer this Dark Mode concept. Not only Google Map and Messenger many more Google apps are laced with Dark Mode like Google Fit, Google Calendar YouTube etc.


Big news for Android users but iOS has to wait for this incognito mode in location finding app. With the help of Incognito mode in Google map you don’t need to worry about your Location data. It will not save your data regarding your location. Before introducing this feature you need to delete your location history time to time.

Google Maps has shown once again an exceptional feature for its users and we are sure that it increases your interest more for sure. Google is ready to help users who are looking to keep their information private so this new Incognito mode is the best choice for you all folks.

If you use Google Map on regular basis you should use this Incognito mode in Google Maps.

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