Efficient Accounts Payable management is significant for the graceful functioning of any business, small, medium or large. As a pillar of general accounting department, Accounts Payable department is predicted to oversee all the payment obligations of the business entity save payroll, making it crucial for financial stability and reputation of the business entity.

Three major functions of Accounts Payable:

While large businesses set-up a fanatical accounts payable department, smell and medium businesses have their team of accounting professional who multitask payables, receivables and other accounting functions, to urge the payments flowing on a timely basis to make sure smooth and stable financial environment. Regardless of the dimensions of business every AP professional functions are often divided into three major categories:

Vendor payments: Flow of supplies, goods and Bookkeeping services for small business are directly associated with the timely payment made to the vendors. But it’s not as easy because it seems, because the business grows the complexity of invoice processing and payment grows repeatedly over, even more, if the business adheres to manual processing and payments. AP department organizes the whole vendor information and details: contacts, payment terms, tax information within the database and ensures payment process is smooth while keeping the capital requirements in mind.

Internal expenses & business travel reimbursements: All the interior business expenses from luncheon meetings to postal charges and other miscellaneous expenses are going to be tracked, processed and brought care by the Accounts Payable department. This also includes business travel management responsibilities with reference to airline, car or other transportation facilities made for business purposes. The AP department processes the funds needed for the travel and other expenses supported the wants and settles the quantity supported the receipt and manual log reports for reimbursements.

Financial reporting: Net come statement, income statement and record together provide a complete financial picture of a business which is vital for strategic planning in business management. An efficiently-run Accounts Payable with its up-to-date record of all expenses, cash-flow tracking and management plays a key role in financial reporting that gauge the financial position and performance of a business.

However not every AP process works efficiently and accurately due to a mess of problems within the way the entire AP system is made. Even businesses that have a solid AP process in situ still resort to extending the deadlines to maximise the income which may be detrimental. An AP process must be efficiently streamlined to form sure the management captures the proper opportunities to efficiently manage the capital as per the need. Here are a couple of tips which will assist you streamline and improve your AP process:

Set-up a centralized AP processing and reporting: Having centralized processing and reporting for all the staff members from the time the invoice is received to paid and reported brings organisation and efficiency into the method . It not only ensures easy adoption and adherence to plain practices and measures but also helps in gauging their performance consistent with the KPI.

Vendor selection & Master data: Set-up a preferred list of suppliers to avoid maverick buying options and ensure proper negotiation. Keeping scorecard for vendors supported their quality of delivery can provide a chance to barter better terms when possible. Once the acquisition and pricing terms are finalised, it’s important to take care of master data with all the required details of the agreements to avoid payment inaccuracies.

Maintain supplier portals: Accounting services for small business that help suppliers automatically track the order status, schedule of their delivery and processed payments can’t only minimize the errors but also reduces the time spent, improves accuracy and organize the whole process.

Go paperless and embrace automation: Automating the AP Process accelerates the payment process and avoids late payments. With today’s automated systems you’ll communicate with the vendors and obtain everything wiped out less time. From generating purchase orders, validating, accepting, approving and payment of invoices, the whole system are often fast-tracked with minimized accounting errors.

Given AP plays a critical role in capital optimization, every business must fortify their AP process to make sure maximized income. Being one among the simplest back-office accounting firms within the business, Kayabooks has helped many businesses improve their income and dealing capital management the capital with robust Accounts Payable Services. If you’re small and medium business looking to leverage the advantages of an efficient AP process you’ll outsource your requirements to our expert team of accountants and dedicated AP professionals.