AI (Artificial Intelligence) has been a hot topic lately, especially since Google Alpha Go Go AI beat world champion. AI combine to offer personalized content some extraordinary opportunities Digital Marketing Agencies Newcastle , but what else would be a big hit in the future? Believe it or not, 2020 is only 2 years, and while we may while away from our car is clearly more advanced in digital marketing techniques and tools fly … but what next? What will be the future of digital marketing?

Economist Intelligence Unit requested 499 Chief Marketing Officers and senior marketing executives about how they view marketing is growing, and also do some in-depth interviews with CMOs of leading brands such as Unilever and JPMorgan Chase. They seek to find out what the key technologies and trends will drive changes in the marketing industry over the next four years. Here is a graph of the results of what they thought the key marketing channel will be in 2020 …

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new technologies
1, AI
It is clear that AI is currently all the rage and will continue to be popular because it develops over time and become more reliable. However, we’ve seen some pretty cool example of this in 2018 – Self-driving cars have been manufactured and sold, for example. And both Amazon and Netflix already has a built-in AI features that help with recommendations and transactions. We think that it will continue to be used in a variety of marketing applications, including content creation, voice and face recognition and chatbots, and we will see it being used in the marketing strategy. AI can also become the norm in terms of marketing strategy for the more accurate ability to analyze the behavior of consumers and feed for the better, the purchase experience more interactive and personalized.

2, Personal Assistant
Alexa, Google Now, Siri – it’s all great assistant AI name is already used to help people in their day to day communication. How will this grow? We may see this technology develop further and help out on both a personal and business level by constantly able to perform more tasks, offering personalized service and tracks your behavior to help you out even if you do not ask for it … The personal assistant digital market is set to double in the next two years to reach 1.6 billion by 2020!

3, Influencer Marketing and Social Media
Not exactly the ‘new technology’, but surely growing marketing influencers and be a big part of the way we use social media and how we market the product. It will continue to grow and develop in both B2B and B2C. So far mostly been used in the light of specific campaigns to sell some products, but we hope to see it grow into a sustainable strategy is not something to focus on, for example, one product.

Social media has been around for several years now and is an essential tool in any digital marketing strategy and, for the moment, we do not expect to see major changes in social media innovation, not just the constant changes and updates. People are using social media more and more every year and, as we can see from the above, set to become the main marketing channels in the eyes of many CMOs have. The way we use social media have changed – for example, we watch a video rather than actually ‘socialize’ with other people. Supervise Social Media in the years to come …

There are so many other ways that digital marketing will evolve in the future as more interaction and direc Digital Marketing Company Newcastle sales come from VR and chatbots take over your first line of customer service. We may even see digital marketing technique is completely new and the tools used in the not too distant … watch this space!

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