Google Adwords on Google Ads: What’s New Platform Means For Your Ads
A simple change in the name of “Google Adwords” to “Google Ads”, however, change platforms Digital Marketing Agencies in Stafford are great and so is the opportunity that is available to businesses that advertise with Google. Digital NRG, Google Ads and the best fastest growing agencies in the UK, explains the changes in the new platform and how businesses and brands can take advantage of opportunities, and pitfalls to avoid.

History of Google Adwords
Beta trial after only 1 month, Google launched Adwords in October 2000 with only 350 advertisers. At launch, Larry Page, co-founder and CEO of Google said the new service “AdWords offers the most technologically advanced features available, enabling advertisers to quickly design ANY flexible program that best suit their online marketing goals and budget.” This service was launched as a service run by Google itself, with the monthly fee paid, rather than pay per click. So that small businesses can manage their own advertising campaigns self-service portal soon to be introduced by Google Adwords.

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It is a little known fact that the actual Adwords advertising program launched by Google second. “Premium Sponsor” released just three months before Adwords, in August 2000, and was the first online advertising platform for Google. Premium Sponsors are sold by its own direct sales team of Google and charged to the customer on a “cost per mille” (BPS). Premium sponsor ads will appear at the top of the search results, and the right-hand-side of the search results will display Adwords.
In 18 years, Google has a growing number of advertisers from 350 to more than 2 million and generate revenues for Google is estimated at $ 100Billion year.

Why Google Adwords is a change to Google Ads
This change is more than just a change of name or brand. This is a change in the way that all of Google’s ad platforms being brought into a single platform and tied together to make it easier for companies to get the kind of business leads they need.
When Google launched Adwords it is a way to get visitors to your business website. Once there, the website is a key tool for converting visitors to investigation or lead. The success of lead generation is made by quality, style and content of websites visited and ultimate success of Google Adwords campaigns down to the success of the website.
large companies, national companies and international organizations, which have an advertising budget that can be used to redirect visitors to a website with the expectations communicated lead or grow a brand can dominate the desktop search results. Small businesses have a difficult task to compete unless it is backed by a large advertising budget.

Then came the smartphone

Smartphones take a look on the internet from a computer desk at home or in the office for any road or street corner, coffee shop, or a mountain top where people can carry the phone (and get a signal). Smartphones changing world of digital marketing.
A search for information, products or services go from “I need to find that when I get to a computer” to “let me Google is now”. a direct request for information that require instant answers, what are the facts and information or to provide a product or service now. Local businesses and small are now viable and preferable Digital Marketing Companies in Stafford results in the SERP.
Now local businesses and local company located can utilize Google tools bids to get more leads and customers through their digital marketing.

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