There is no doubt to say that Google has something which other companies can’t show. What Google has done for its users is hard to expect from other big companies. We all are reading something special about Google these days whether they introduced us an advanced feature or something related to Android. However, Europe claims that Google job search is driving competitors out of the market. Furthermore, EU competition commissioner Margrethe Vestager questioned whether it was fair the tech giant had “such control over the success or failure” of its rivals.

‘Google job search’ is going through investigation by EU
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Well, you can’t take this situation lightly because there are 23 job websites in Europe. The owner of these websites urged the European Commission to ask about the problem that is there in the Google Search Job tool. Google can face a lot of trouble in its tool that was launched two years ago. Forget for a while about the upcoming new concept. Let’s focus on what happened in this matter first. I will share why Google Job Search tool is going to investigate by the European Union now.

How EU regulators reacted on this issue?

The EU regulators are now performing their role to check whether Google is doing its job in the right way or not. They also want to examine that Google is doing the following things in a wrong way to increase the growth of fast-growing tool for Job search or not. This question they raised in media and blaming Google. The tool called Google Job Search was launched two years ago and till now they are receiving frequent complaint regarding this tool. People are trying to avoid this tool as they are claiming the issues that are being faced by them regarding this tool. This tool also gets complaints about its rivals alleging anti-competitive behavior. 

Who raises a complaint regarding this tool now? 

The issue has been raised this month when we got to know from the sources that 23 job search websites in Europe want the European Commission to order Google to stop its anti-competitive activity now. They want the European Commission to force Google to stop all such tool activity soon. With this, the EU also will start investigating this issue. One more thing I will share with you all is that Google has already faced this issue earlier. They also faced an antitrust fine which cost $9.5 billion from EU two-years ago. With the help of this issue they are again highlighting the malfunctioning of Google. And there is no doubt, this time amount can be increased even much higher as it is now about the popular Google’s job search tool.

What European Competition Commissioner said about all this? 

Google has already explained that the European Union has made some changes in the tool following feedback in Europe. They also offer a direct link to a choice of website and linking directly to job offers which will be available on a single site permanently. While understanding all such matter, Margrethe Vestager who is the European Competition Commissioner said, “We are looking right now at whether the same thing may happen with other parts of Google business-like the job search businesses known as Google for jobs”. She also explained that “There’s also a broader issue in our societies. Whether we think it’s right for companies like Google to have such control over the success or failure of other companies and be free to use that power in any way they like”. 

Are you aware about Google Job Search tool? 

  • If you don’t know about the role of this tool introduced by Google then read this paragraph. Two years ago in the mid-2017, Google announced in I/O Conference about the tool called Google Job Search.
  • It is a new job search engine tool which shows you that the aggregates job openings are there and also displays to you in one place. It makes you feel like applying for a new job here. It is not so complex process when operating the tool “Google Job Search”.
  • The tool is supported in the UK ( and in India ( and also in many other countries. This tool is going to tie-up in the coming future. When you’ll operate this tool you will get to know that there is no dedicated URL.


At the end, I just want to say that Google has already faced an issue last year. For that they paid a heavy amount as penalty. Google as well as the EU both don’t want such situation again to happen in the future. Now the EU is still investigating about this tool. Hopefully they will work upon this tool. This is all about Google Job search tool, we will update you more about it whenever we get further information regarding this. Just keep updating yourself with our blogs. Get in touch with us, till then keep reading. We will be back soon.