There is no doubt to say that Google has something which other companies don’t have. We all are reading something special about Google these days whether they introduced with an advanced feature of job search or something related to Android but now the question raised by the European Union.

Well, you can’t take this situation lightly because there are some 23 job websites in Europe urged answer from the European Commission to ask about the probe of Google Search Job tool. News is correct and I think Google can face trouble because of its tool that was launched two years ago. Forget for some time about the upcoming new features; let’s focus what happen in this matter first. I will share why Google Job Search tool investigation is going on by the European Union till now.

What EU regulators are looking for?

The EU regulators are now performing their role to check Google for the job and want to see that whether Google doing following things in a wrong way to increase the growth of fast-growing tool of Job search listening or not. This question they have raised in media and they have put up on Google so yes it is a big deal. The tool called Google Job Search was launched two years ago and till now they are receiving a frequent complaint regarding this tool. People try to avoid this tool and also raise many such issues regarding this as it gets complaints too from rivals alleging anti-competitive behavior.

Who raises complaint regarding this tool? 

‘Google job search’ is going through investigation by EU
Image Credit: Google Image

The issue has been raised this month when we get to know from the sources that 23 job search websites in Europe want the European Commission to order Google now. They want the European Commission to force Google to stop all such tool activity soon. With this, the EU also will start investigating about this issue. One more thing I will here share with you all that Google already face such issue earlier and they faced an antitrust fine which cost $9.5 billion from EU two-years ago. I think once again the situation is against to Google Job search. Again Google will have to pay fine for that.

What European Competition Commissioner said about all this? 

Google has already explained to the European Union that they have made some changes in the tool after getting feedback in Europe. They also offer a direct link to a choice of website and linking directly to job offers which will be available on a single site permanently. While understanding all such matter Margrethe Vestager who is the European Competition Commissioner said: “We are looking right now at whether the same thing may be happen with other parts of Google business-like the job search businesses known as Google for jobs”. She also explains that “There’s also a broader issue for our societies, of whether we think its right for companies like Google to have such control over the success or failure of other companies, and be free to use that power in any way they like”. 

Do you want to know about Google Job Search tool? 

Two years ago in the mid of 2017, Google announced in I/O Conference about the tool called Google Job Search.

It is a new job search engine tool introduced that shows you the aggregates job opening that are there and also displays to you in one place. It makes you feel like applying for a job here is not so complex process when operating the tool “Google Job Search”.

The tool supported in UK ( and in India ( and also with many countries the tool is going to tie-up in the coming future. When you operate this tool then you need to know that there is no dedicated URL. 


In the end just want to say that Google already face an issue last year and they have paid too much money as fine. Google doesn’t want such situations again. In the month of August 2019 this issue rises and still EU is investigating about the whole issue.

We will update you if we get any further information regarding this matter, till then get in touch with us for more updates.