Fake mobile applications removed, now your picture is safe.

Security is the first priority of everyone as every user first check whether the application is safe to use or not. These days many hackers are moving in the play store and their only motive is to steal the personal information by developing the fake mobile applications and launch in the play store. You have seen many applications which show amazing facilities and never disturb you from any purpose but the photo editing app right now is in trend. Why it is in trend let’s discuss this concept first-

We know many of people like to post their picture in every social media account so what they do first is edit from various photo editing app which they download and see which picture editing app is giving them the best pic to upload. Here you can say that the role of photo editing mobile app is just to edit the picture of user’s, nothing else. But now they have started another job, as they spying on us and steal the personal photographs from our gallery.

Yes folks, the news is true as there are many fake photo editing apps in the Google play store. Which are not safe for use that is why photo editing app is now a burden for the users. If we talk about our country India, then there are many users who download the thousands of mobile application related to photo editing and become a victim of such type of situation. We don’t want you to feel worried so let me relief you. There is a good news that Google has removed almost 29 beauty application from its play store so that nobody can download these applications and choose the right one for their smartphone.

Google removed 29 photos stealing mobile applications
Image Credit: Google Image

Do you want to know why these apps has been removed and how those applications perform in your smartphone? Read this, as the application is totally ridiculous because these apps push full-screen malicious ads when you operate and also show porn images and spam content which you don’t want to see in your mobile phone but unfortunately it will show. Even some of these apps open a fake website for you where they ask about your address and mobile number for security purpose which is obviously fake. This act is completely fake because no such details required by these applications.

Now let me tell you about the stealing purpose. Such application’s job is to steal your pictures from the gallery and even from those apps where you want to edit. Now their role begins, as they start putting those pictures on a private server where they can do many such bad activities. Even they are able to make a fake social media account with your picture.

This should not happen with any users. So, being a professional, it’s my duty to inform you about the name of those 29 apps which Google has removed from its play store. Those applications are-

•    Pro camera beauty

•    Cartoon art photo

•    Emoji camera

•    Artistic effect filter

•    Art editor

•    Beauty camera

•    Selfie camera pro

•    Horizon beauty camera

•    Super camera

•    Art effects for photos

•    Awesome cartoon art

•    Art filter photo

•    Art filter photo effect

•    Cartoon effect

•    Art effect

•    Photo editor

•    Wallpapers HD

•    Magic art filter photo editor

•    Fill art photo editor

•    Art flip photo editing

•    Art filter

•    Cartoon art photo

•    Prizma photo effect

•    Cartoon art photo filter

•    Art filter photo editor

•    Pixture

•    Art effect

•    Photo art effect

•    Cartoon photo filter

At concluding note I want to suggest you that before downloading any mobile applications, read the reviews posted by others, star rating etc. very carefully. Also you need to check about red flag, if is there any.