Communicate with your customers is what content marketing is all about and get your message through all Digital Marketing Companies Nottingham channels available today is important. Contrary to what you may have read or heard, email marketing is very much alive and is still one of the best online marketing strategy for businesses. This blog is SocialB guide to email marketing, where we share some of our tips on how to make email better.


The reason why the email to your database
Top 10 tips for better email
5 email marketing best practices
email design best practices
20 keywords that you should use
1 Reason Why To Email your database
First of all, here are just four reasons why you should email customer database to maximize your chances of winning their business before the competition does!

To Generate Business
This is the number one reason why you should email your customers both new and existing. Email marketing, either as a newsletter or email targeted products, is a direct and easy way to communicate your message to customers and generate business.

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Personal email and go directly to the customer’s inbox, not as a social media where customers can skip your post.

Relevant targets & Email
If your database has information about what customers buy, then you can target products to specific customers. Because they have bought from you before they now trust you and when you recommend or provide other products as a solution, they will listen. You can also make customers aware of the new services available and keep them up to date with the range of products.

Personalized email to enter the customer’s name is a good way to connect and make them feel important and far more likely to read email from pressing the delete. By making sure your email timely and relevant to your audience increases the likelihood that the email will be opened and are not considered ‘junk’ or ‘spam’.

build relationships
According to research, communicate with your customers every three months helps to maintain the relationship. Trust is the basis that a lasting relationship built on trust and when your customers, your company and the advice given, they will become repeat buyers.

Email the customer database should be done regularly and add value with interesting articles, offers and news – not just when you want to sell them something. Do not send an email for the sake of it though; make sure you have something to say that is valuable and useful to them. If you find you get a lot of requests ‘unsubscribe’, then we look to see if you are emailing your database too much and try to change how and what you present in the email.

Email Marketing is Cost Effective
Direct marketing can be expensive when you add up the cost of the cost of designing, printing and postage. Telemarketing is a minefield and discerning buyers generally will not provide sales calls a day. Email marketing is very inexpensive to produce, are free to send and reach a large audience at the press of a button. You can create campaigns quickly when they are needed and get your message out there at the right time and efficiently.

2, our Top 10 Tips for Better Email
Every company investing in email marketing as part of their online marketing strategy to know that, to be successful, they need to open the email, read and clicked.

Here are a few tricks that you can implement that will dramatically improve your email, and make them to be opened, read and clicked:

  1. Always Test Before Sending
    This is one of the most important things you need to do.

Test links, appearance, cross-browser testing, and make your emails look professional, this will give a positive impression to customers and potential customers.

You can even perform A / B testing Digital Marketing Company in Nottingham and sent two emails made different for a small portion of your database to see who has the best opening, reading.

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