Most of the app developer thought that their work is to building the application and launching it on any platform and their job has been done. Folks not yet because your duty is incomplete. You have to check each and everything before the launch. You can’t take your app process lightly. We only prefer to go where we get good facilities. If we compare the mobile applications in this matter then let me tell you that people move where they watch out outstanding features and find better than your app.

Try Selendroid to launch your app hassle free.

Let me tell you about your mistake what you did. Most of the time you don’t look at the review of the application. That is the reason you lose most of the audience. Sometimes people wrote that your app is full of bugs so what you gonna do? Ignore? No, you can’t because next time nobody will download the application. So, stay away from such kind of issue. You should launch the application after testing.

Have you ever heard about the Selendroid?
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This is important because testing is a part of the success of the application so you can’t ignore this method and if you did then you know what the result is. Today I am gonna share one of the best framework for you which enables you for testing the application for Android and that is Selendroid.

What is Selendroid? Why it is needed?

To make your mobile application perfect, you need Selendroid framework regarding. No matter it is hybrid, native or web application. Such an open-source automation framework is always based on the Android instrumentation framework. Now an important aspect of Selendroid is entire tests have written on API of Selenium 2 client. Which is known as Selenium webdriver. Also, the other selenium which is left to use can be reused by Selendroid.

So this is what Selendroid framework is but I know most of you want to know more like its feature or importance. Here we are ready to tell you about the importance of Selendroid. Lets have a look.

Some important matter related to Selendroid

  • We did research related to Selendroid. We get to know that people are still confused about will Selendroid interact with many devices? Yes it is, as Selendroid enable you to interact with multiple android devices at the same time. So we can say how good it is. Even if you want to check the compatibility then you can simply do. Selendroid enable you to test your application with various Android devices. It allows the user to change the hardware devices and you don’t have to stop it for testing or don’t have to restart anything.
  • Most of the app developers want to know which framework shows no modification of application under the test. So let me tell you to choose Selendroid first because here you are allowed to test the app without modification of applications. So what you need is just a binary file for this. which you have to install on your computer.
  • Is it good to hear that the open-source framework Selendroid is ready to support multiple Android to target the API? Yes it is. As we have seen the new version of API so Selendroid is ready to support the new Android API. Most importantly it is ready to support from API10 to API19.
  • There is one tool that supported by Selendroid and the name is Selendroid inspector. It play its role to catch the UI element of the application under testing. This is most important tool and the reason is it always inspects the current state of your application UI.

Components of Selendroid

  • Web driver client: This is one of the components that is must for you to understand. As it is used for Java client library which should be installed in your computer.
  • Selendroid Sever: Nobody can forget this component because it is important as the server runs in the application under the test on an Android device. It is called out to be the main component of Selendroid architecture.
  • Android driver app: This type of component is called to be the web view application because it is to test the mobile web.
  • Selendroid-Standalone: I am sure you never forget this component because the role of the component is to install the server and the applications under test.