Developing any type of app is a long process but adding enough security features that makes an app secure enough to use freely without worrying is most difficult part. Same goes for idea of developing a secure messaging app even the flagship apps that are trending in messaging area such as signal and Whatsapp are not perfect apps when it comes to security features.

 Whatsapp has recently made an update in its messaging app that makes the user data encryption possible, so building a perfect secure messaging app is impossible because perfection does not exist in this world. But in this article we are going to tell you about some features which can achieve objective of secure messaging app. Get your pen ready and start making notes-

Feature of registration-

For building a secure messaging app your app must have the security feature of registration which can be include in your application by making it compatible with authentication process. It can be configured by various ways in your app such as through e-mail, through contact and social media profiles. Major messaging apps like signal and Whatsapp ensure that user must sign in with phone number for initiating the process of registration after that the app will send the SMS confirmation code for verification process. In final verification, user can create his/her own profiles where it can add personal data and profile pictures.

In order to making chatting fun it configure, your app with a feature of importing contacts to whom with user can chat. Always ensure this process is quick and convenient.

Feature of customized profile-

While developing a messaging configure your app with a feature of customized profile. This will give freedom to the user in terms of expressing himself by adding nick names, background colors, fonts and patterns etc. by the option taking snapshot from the device camera instantly. This feature will helps in enhancing the security configuration of your app.

Feature of advance chatting/messaging-

Most of the messaging apps now-a-days can operate in online mode and user can do instant chatting when they are online but what about when there is no internet connection or interrupted internet connection. Therefore, your app must have a feature of receiving messages with a status update during offline mode. It allows the user to know about the status of their chatting from the moment they are send up to the time they read by recipient.

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 Whatsapp has a feature of blue tick when user sent message that informed the user that his/her message is seen by a receiver.  While doing personal or one to one chatting, user conversation and data remain secure and encrypted but same thing will also be followed in case of group chatting also. So as a developer you make sure that you enhance the security configurations of group mode also.

Your app also must have the feature of voice messaging this allows the user to send their text messages in the form of Audio. While using Whatsapp, at the right side of chat box there is an icon of Mic by keep pressing it and it will record your message and delivered to the receiver in form of chat. This gave user the freedom to leave the message for friends, relatives, family etc. anytime without the need of texting.

As a developer you can also add the feature of quick search in your messaging app which will allow user to search and track conversations/messages that took place long ago. Otherwise by using it user can also search their media files, friends, GIFs and so on.

Efficient execution and up gradation of end to end encryption feature-

Most of the major messaging apps offer some kind of encryption feature configured by developers in the apps by using special algorithms in order to scramble the data. Even if some hacker steal your message your content could not actually be read but sometimes while developing an app developers leave the space for advertisement that create vulnerabilities to their app and makes it an easy.

Feature of voice and video calls-

Configure your messaging app with the features of voice and video calls that will allow your app to be suitable for business communication other than personal chatting. It also makes your app more interactive and easy to communicate.

Above mentioned are the some important features that developers must kept in mind while building a messaging app. If a developer configures his/her app with these features then they will definitely able to create successful secure messaging applications.