It’s obvious that well-known established large company has reached its goals with lots of efforts and provides outstanding service. I am not saying those company doesn’t work hard as if you want to achieve a goal and need success then you have to show your 100% in every situation. Here in this article, we will take an example of the Apple Company who is well-established and popular all over the world.

But you can’t say that the Apple Company just started and reach success due to their luck, it is here just because the Apple’s service they provide matters the most. That’s why it has reached on a successful path in a short period of time. But I know most of the readers and Apple users are confused or don’t know how ‘Apple’ is making money?

Well, that’s a good question as you are using their device. You should know that how the Company operates their business or how they earn huge amount of money in a short period. We will share everything from you and show some content related to Apple Company that how they are making money and reached on a success path.

Apple never sacrifice with user’s security.

The first point which is common for all of you. They earn most of their money through hardware. Apple is also doing same but without compromising with user’s security. Around 70% of the profit comes from the iPhone and iPhone makes up 92% of all smartphone money. So here it is one of the reasons they are reaching their goal and walk toward their success. Another way of success and making good money is by investing in premium product.

How Apple is making money?
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The main motive of Apple is to make such a product which provides better ease with security and make such cool and amazing design that works better than others. So, they try to work on that to sell on the premium price in the market to earn a good amount of revenue and they did that. It makes simple to attract every user if they provide the best facilities and such cool design which create attention of the users as the product are IOS, iTunes, iWork and many more for you all. In this case, they provide facilities and service free for their users.

The next one is creating an ecosystem and the Apple is the best for it to make a good amount of money for their self. We all know very well about the Apple device like iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, MacBook and you can sync between all these devices. The specialty is you can enter your same account on any of these devices but you have to pay for Apple music subscription. Even if you want same file on each of the device then here you need iCloud. Where you can easily store all files with the help of this. Once you start using the device of Apple, then we guarantee you all will never look for other devices and never go for Android, Blackberry nothing and in this way Apple makes money. Apple always take care of customer’s need, their ease and security. This concept help the Apple’s to maintain their trustworthiness in front of Apple users. To keep their business on high it is very essential to proof themselves and Apple did this.

Apple is earning huge revenue through their products.

Many of the users want to know the total aspects of sale where the Apple is earning a high amount of revenue so we would like to show you some facts.

  • The first we want to inform you about the iPhone which generate 66% of the total of their revenue in 2015. You can say that Apple is ready to become more popular after getting huge profit.
  • The next one is about the sale of iPad. According to a research we get to know that it generate 10% of total revenue.
  • Mac is also in the race of earning profit. Apple’s another product Mac which generate more than the iPad and that is 11% of the total revenue.

Above are the 2015 statistics where Apple made its position and after that, they increased their sale more. If net sale increases more in the coming years then we can say that nobody can stop the procedure of Apple’s high amount of earning revenue.

Expanding Apple Retail Store across the world

We all know that the time is of social media and internet which has brought a vast change in everyone’s life but here we are talking about Apple so do you think that it can earn through the online process? Yes, it’s true we get to know that it earn money from the product they sell online via Apple retail store which it owns. Till now Apple had approx 500 retail stores and still it is expanding across the world to ensure high quality buying experience. Every user is aware of the online process of buying and selling and if Apple is doing this job too, then we are sure that it will definitely gets a good amount of money with more profit.

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