The advent of A.I (Artificial intelligence) has revolutionized the technology. It has redefined the terminologies, definitions and concept of technology but surprising fact is just an extended aspect of technology.

The impact of A.I you can see on every sector or industry. According to a survey 51% of marketers are already using AI, and 27% more are even planning on incorporating this technology in 2019. There is nothing remain to differentiate between Human intelligence and Artificial intelligence.

But today we are going to analyze how A.I has influenced digital marketing. Below mentioned points will tell you how A.I completely involved with digital Marketing.

Increase in ROI

The A.I technology helps in increasing in ROI (Return on investment) by improving the decision making capacity of advertisers and marketers. A.I is compatible with marketing tactics and strategies. Advertiser can reach their target audience conveniently with the help of A.I.

Helps you in better understanding of your customers

The Artificial intelligence (A.I) helps you in understanding the consumers and allows you to reach them much easily and quickly.

The data generated by A.I can help you in reading your consumer behavioral and attitudinal patterns. By gaining the deep insights of consumer’s taste and preference you can prepare better marketing strategies regarding your products and services.

The A.I technology allows advertiser to differentiate its consumers on the basis of their personality and behavioral pattern. By having the proper and accurate data in mind advertiser are able to concentrate on the trending demands of the consumers. This will empower trust building and loyalty which is essential for establishing long-lasting bond with the brand.

Improves user experience

For improving the user experience and customer interactions integration of A.I has become essential. Therefore investing in A.I Chabot will help the marketers

By establishing the stronger bonds with consumers will increase the interaction with wide and diverse range of people.

By the integration of Chatbot feature in a marketing firm can quickly and immediately tackle the incurring problems by having through to point and intellectual chats with the customers.

Unlike humans Chatbot functions around the clock to deliver strong messages which ultimately help in improving customer services. Even at the times of need and emergency as long as you have effective Chabot system you can tackle the problems efficiently.

The demand of A.I has always  been on top. Due to this some application has been developed to ease the consumers. We are going to analyze these applications which revolutionized the digital marketing.

How you can implement the A.I for your business.

1. Content curation:

One of the major application of A.I but I refer to it as a “content filtration” because it filter the content according to the taste and preference of consumers.

Integration of A.I in digital marketing will not only generate the content but can also filter or curate it. For example: On YouTube once you start watching specific type of videos such as news videos, YouTube will automatically filter and many possible news videos along with the issue on which you are watching a particular news video as a reference.

This is called content curation by having this feature on your site visitor will watch the product or services relevant for them which will increase their visiting time. As the visiting time increase your profit will also increase.

2. Chatbots

Just visit any E-commerce or business site the moment you open your site and spend some time bot like option will pop at side of the screen ask for chat.

The biggest benefit of Chatbot feature is that it will answer any concerning query related to product and services. These bot feature based on machine learning and natural learning processing for finding the relevant answer. There is much more benefit of Chatbot. They never lose their patience; they are available 24/7 to serve clients. By understanding above mentioned points we can say that A.I in Digital marketing is still in developing phase. Soon it will dominate the digital marketing sector completely.