A new addiction in the market is ready to spoil everyone’s carrier but wait let me tell you that here I am not talking about any drug because now the famous addiction is social media. It’s your choice if you want to say that the social media platform is perfect for you or it is the worst platform for every user. These days when the user wakes up in the morning, they didn’t study or not go for a morning walk; in fact, you can’t expect this generation to do meditation or special yoga.

The era is totally involved in smartphone and social media we all know our life is incomplete without that but it doesn’t mean that you should make it your first priority. People are so involved in their social media account that they forget their day to day activity and in fact, they don’t think that spending time with friends and family is better than spending time on social media account.

With lots of research, we get to know that many of you want to come out from such addiction but failed to do. It doesn’t mean that there is no solution. This article is especially for those users. So read the below content.

First step might be important: Turn off your notification

Pay attention here if you are social media addict and if you want to stay away from such addiction then here our suggestion is to turn off your notification as soon as possible. The role of notification is to show you on your device if some interesting thing happens and then you may feel that to open it first and here your time totally wasted. You can watch that message later on but some of you might not do that and they failed to come out from social media addiction so here our suggestion is to turn off your notification.

Time limit step never disturb you again and again

Many of you want to check their willpower that they can live without opening their social media account or not. Here you should set your time limit. It means that you should set your watch for yourself and maintain a time limit of one day. We suggest you to open your social media account for one hour in one day which never makes you feel like addicted. So, make a time limit. Your first priority is to stay away from such type of addiction.

Create your interest in new hobby

If you have made your hobby to use your social media account in your free time then it is not the right choice. If someone asks me what I have to do to stay away from social media addiction then our suggestion is to create a new hobby which can keep you busy and makes you feel good. Social media is full of emotions and drama which is good sometimes but not every time. Our suggestion is to you to learn new things which will never makes you feel addict to social media sites.

Try to connect with people face to face

Well, the heading simply indicated that instead of chatting or doing video call with your friends, tries to meet them personally. We all know that face to face conversation is the best where you can share something with others and it is the best way instead of just talking in social media or making group of friends on social media.

Personal advice: Read a book

Someone has said that Book is the man best friend but is it true? I think yes as compared to social media sites so I want all of you to keep apart from social media sites and try to read books. It will create interest and you love to read more.In this way, you can say you have met someone who is your free time friend.