Social media in general is used to run advertising campaigns. And Twitter has emerged as a great social media platform to run ads. Twitter advertising allows brands to promote their products and reach new potential customers who may show interest in what a brand is selling.

If you are also looking to start a Twitter advertising campaign for your business then you must need the help of a professional Digital Marketing agency. Citiesagencies is one marketing agency that has years of proven experience. The team at Citiesagencies is full of experienced social media experts who know how to run a successful social media advertising campaign. How? Let me tell you in the subsequent sections.

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Ways by which Citiesagencies will help you with Twitter advertising

Twitter advertising

➜ By setting up Twitter ads account

The first step towards starting a Twitter ad campaign is to set up a Twitter ads account. Citiesagencies will be setting up the perfect Twitter ads account for your business. The account will allow us to access Twitter ads manager which we will use to track the advertising campaign and analyzing the metrics.

➜ By researching on target audience

Another step is to target the right audience for your ad campaign. Before that, you must know who your target audience is. Hence, Citiesagencies will do all the research to find out your target audience. We will start with demographic targeting. Our team will categorize your target audience based on age, gender, location, language, and purchase ability.

Using the ‘Audience features’ section our team will target your ad to users based on specific interests like events, interests, behaviors and even specific keywords. This will help us get a clear picture of your target audience and keeping that in mind our team would be able to prepare the right strategy for your ad campaign.

➜ By writing concise copy

Users scroll their Twitter feed fast. So the copy of the ad should be short enough in order to be noticed by them. It should be engaging as well. Citiesagencies will do that for your business. Our team will write the perfect ad copy which would be able to grab the attention of the users and it would be engaging them as well. We will be creating creative and straight to-the-point ads copy. They will create a good impression on the users.

➜ By using quality images

A great ad will always contain high quality images and videos. That will attract more users. Citiesagencies will make sure that the images and videos used to make ads are high quality. We will ensure that every image and video is clear, compelling and eye-catching.

➜ By including the details in the ads

The ads won’t be effective if they don’t give away something that customers want. For instance, if you are running a sale, it would be better to include the percentage of it in the ad. Our team at Citiesagencies knows that very well. We will make the ad more compelling by adding the details which can draw the attention of the users. For example, terms like “60 % off” or “50 % cashback”, these small looking tactics can make the ad campaign more effective and efficient. A research tells us that users are most likely to click on an ad that features or mentions the percentage of the discount.

➜ By carrying out analysis

Carrying out a detailed analysis of the ad marketing strategy is of utmost importance. No marketer should overlook it. Because to make progress with your ad campaign it is crucial to know which ad is working, which is getting you the most clicks and which one is getting the least. Our experts at Citiesagencies will carry out detailed analysis regularly to find out the most productive ads. Our team will also run a competitive analysis to see what works for others. According to the analysis, necessary changes would be made.

Summing up

Running a successful Twitter advertising campaign is not easy as many competitors are fighting for the same goal. A whole lot of careful planning would be required to make a successful ad campaign. With Citiesagencies you can run a successful Twitter advertising campaign. So if you are convinced by now you can consider hiring Citiesagencies.

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