Need To Recover Deleted Apps !!! no worry

We all know how important the mobile application is nowadays as it has totally changed every moment of life. It’s so simple to download the mobile application just to visit play store first and search for the mobile apps which you are looking for and it can easily install it in your smartphones. The users are looking for the perfect mobile apps and the app developers are looking to give you their best work which provides you latest and amazing features that you like.

The use of every mobile app is now become ease for all as if you are not finding the right location to reach your house then make sure to use the Google map who will definitely provide you the right path to reach your home safely even if you are sitting in a restaurant and there is a shortage of money in your pocket then you can take help of the Paytm app which can transfer the money through online transaction. In- short, there are many mobile applications which are used on a daily basis but our question is did you accidentally delete some of the important mobile application?

Do you know how to recover those mobile apps which you delete from your smartphones? So, let’s find out the possible reason for deleted apps in Android or tablet or how to recover it. 

Problem causes for application to get deleted

1. The first reason would be from the file manager as you accidentally delete the application data via file manager which can erase the mobile app from your device and that can be the reason of deleted mobile app.

2. The second reason would be the uninstalling mobile app via the app manager tool on Android device can delete a mobile app.

3. The most common reason can be the virus on your Android smartphone as it can delete major files and folder and also any mobile application.

4. If you formatting your device or restoring your device for any purpose then it can also be the reason that your mobile application can be wiped off.

5. Other software such as Antivirus app which has the permission to modify the app and other data and that can also delete the content if it is found by the software so it can be the reason where your application can be deleted.

6. If there is an issue of firmware in the Android device so it can create a problem for application and it gets deleted.

So, these are some of the causes where your mobile applications get deleted. No matter whether it’s important one or not your mobile app get deleted on the spot. Now, let’s find out with this article that how we can recover the mobile app from the smartphone with these steps.

  • Play store

There are some major steps that you have to follow when you want to recover the mobile application from the smartphone so the first one is a play store. If you are using your smartphone or using a tablet then the first step you have to do is open the play store and make sure that you are on the home page of the play store.

  • Tap 3 line icon

When you watch at the top of the home page of the play store then you find 3 lines at the left side of the search option so click on it to open the menu.

  • Tap on My apps and Games

The third step is Tap on My apps and Games as when you open the menu and scroll down you will find this option so open this.

  • Tap on Library tab

After completing the third step when you open the option my apps and Games then you will find there three options- Updates, Installed and Library and if you want the deleted apps again in your smartphone then open the Library option. Here you will find all those mobile applications which you have deleted or those who are no longer in your device.

  • Reinstall delete apps

Now the last step is you have to go over the list of deleted application and install the mobile apps which you want to recover and want to see on your smartphone again. Note that the Library section arranged the applications in such way that the application you deleted recently will be on the top of the list.

So, at the end, we want to say that you should not feel worried if you have deleted the mobile application accidentally as these steps will help you to get all those mobile apps back which you want.