Industry 4.0 may appears to be new type of industry or factory but don’t get fooled. It is just a term invented for describing the fusion between traditional manufacturing and industrial practices within the technological world. Smart technology is the term used earlier for describing industry 4.0;

Current phase is the phase of ongoing transformation in factories and manufacturing innovations such as machine learning, advance analytics, IOT, cloud computing and human-machine interfaces are part of the mix. Therefore, today we are going to analyze top trends of industry 4.0 that are transforming the industry production.

Trend of data analytics:

This is the rising trend of industry production by the deployment of this use and collection and systematic evaluation of data from wide range of sources is possible.

Feature of Big data analytic helps user in making Quick real time decision regarding enterprise, production management and customer management systems.

Trend of autonomous robots:

Advance humanoid robots are becoming rising trend in industry production. Visit any car production plant and you will witness that how robots are working there side by side with humans. These advanced robots cost less and has much greater capability than humans.

Simulation practices:

Those who takes driving classes has seen a system which has screen, steering, pedals and the only difference you are driving car inside screen this is called simulation experience and that system is called driving simulator. A similar system has been deployed in major plant operations to leverage real time data and reflects the physical world in virtual reality. This will grants an ability to test and configure the machine settings for the next product in line to enter in virtual world before the physical world. It means testing of every component or technological up gradation should take place in virtual world first before applying to it in a real world.

Trend of IOT objects:

Smart objects also known as IOT (internet of things) devices which become a rising trend in industry production and part of industry 4.0 concept.  IOT devices make device communication and interaction with each other with more centralized controllers and when needed it can also decentralize analytics, enable real time response and decision making.

Cyber security:

Due to improvement in connectivity and communication technology in an industry 4.0, the need of classified industrial components and manufacturing lines from cyber security threats increased significantly. Therefore, demand of safe, secure and reliable communication is on rise in the industry production.

Rising trend of cloud computing:

Cloud computing is a rising trend now-a-days. Applications based on cloud are fusion of both desktop and web applications that provide features of both to the user. Just like desktop applications it also comes with feature of offline mode. Users can use these apps in the offline mode also.

Transfer of large amount of data across sites can takes place easily. This relieves the users from the problem of hard disk space issue on their systems.

 Good internet connectivity is enough for accessing the services of any cloud based application. Full offline mode can be activated in case of no internet connection. Cloud based services eliminate the problem of repeated installing and uninstalling process which the user face while using desktop applications. Updates are available 24×7 hour anytime and anywhere, these apps can also store large amount of data easily.

Trend of AR:

AR (Augmented reality) enabled devices compatible with wide variety of services, such as choosing parts in a warehouse and sharing of repair suggestions over smart phones. Although this system is still in prototype phase but in coming times, firms will make much significant use of AR to sends workers with real time information to improve working procedures and decision taking ability.

Empowered employees:

This is not only the rising trend but also the ongoing development in the concept of industry 4.0. If you want to empowered your employees then gave them direct access to the system so that they can acquire the information they needed most. Latest collaboration platforms and tools make it convenient for workers to access everything they required from any place by using the device of their choice.

By the improvement in ERP and CRM, workers are now able to keep track on entire supply chain which strengthen them to take appropriate decisions regarding products, services and the production line.

By understanding above mentioned points we can say that Industry 4.0 will going to be the future of industrial manufacturing and production. We may witness the Era of smart production plants who are manufacturing goods and services without the interference of human. It means with the help of Machine learning, Artificial intelligence and advanced humanoid robots industry production will takes place.