Traditionally the preserve of public relations, media database which has become an important part of the repertoire of digital marketers the tools in 2017. Fill & Influencer Digital Marketing Company in Stafford relies on contacts and working relationships with the media and the database is the perfect way to discover and distill it contacts quickly and accurately , potentially saving hours of work in the process.

So what are the factors to consider when choosing the best PR database? In this post, we’ll look at some of the major players in the market and check out how you can find a database of the best media for your needs.

What should you look out of the Media Database Software?
First, you have to ask yourself how you see yourself using your tool will invest in. As another set of tools and services, they will each have their pros and cons. Ask yourself about the needs of your role and how you see you and your team use tool for months / years to come:

Do you do a lot of marketing influencers together more ‘traditional’ PR? Are you particularly interested in finding a blogger? Or do most of your work involves a journalist? Some platforms are better at finding influencers through social media while others are much more traditional in their approach and it is better to find a mainstream journalist. When choosing a database platform media, you should take this into consideration. There is no point in paying for a service that will find the main reporter if you are going to target bloggers.

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How much data do you want? When choosing the right database for you, you should consider both the overall size of the database and the license you’re willing to pay. Some will allow you to pay for access to certain countries while others will provide database worldwide. Again, consider the type of work you do and chances are you require, say, access to the US database if all of your clients or business place in Britain.
Take it from someone who has been there and done that, make sure which platform you choose, you get a hands-on demo first. If there is an option for a free trail, take it! Here, in our SiteVisibility recently switched our database providers and our main reason for doing so is poor usability. So much so that it inhibits our ability to complete our work.
Considering the needs of other businesses you are with the media database. This platform has many other features and aspects to them also may offer additional insight you do not even know you needed. Some of the best ‘complete’ marketing suite includes Linkdex, Buzzstream, Moz and HubSpot and with this, you may be able to combine social listening, project & campaign management and specific PR distribution with SEO such as analysis, rank tracking and link analysis. Additionally, if you select a tool like this with additional features and benefits, you may be able to share the costs in some departments.
Vax Case Study

So which is the best Media database?
Here we are honest, and where personal preferences have a major role to play. I have used most of the major players over the last 5 years and have an opinion on most of them; a clear opinion to mine own!

Throughout the years I have found Vuelio be my favorite and the reason for this is threefold:

It is the most used platform and intuitive that I use. This for me is one of the main things I noticed when looking at choosing our media database marketing efforts. The ability to filter by various parameters quickly and just make a big difference when you Digital Marketing Agencies Stafford compile a list of press contacts.
It has a large number of bloggers and influencers. We work with many bloggers and influencers here at SiteVisibility and despite other platforms claim to have a larger database and more research.

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